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  • Kissing Facebook Chat Emoticon


    Have you been kissing anyone lately? Here is an awesome Facebook Emoticon to express your feelings with your significant other. While you are chatting on Facebook Chat Messenger be sure to send this Kissing Facebook Emoticon to them to when they say something cute to you or even when you want to express how you felt last time you talk or that you are just thinking about them. Getting this emoticon in your Facebook chat will be the highlight of your day…until you can see them in person once again. So go on and share this incredible Facebook Emoticon during your latest chat session and see the response that you will get back.

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    Give My Heart Emoticon

    Give You My Heart

    Are you in love with someone but want to express your love in more than just words? Have no fear as this Facebook Chat Emoticon is what will help you out. This Give My Heart Emoticon will show the person you are chatting with how much you love them, or even love the last statement that they made. It is a great way to express yourself when the words escape you. Best thing is that being romantic is not something you only can do on Valentine’s Day, but it is something that can be done year round and this chat emoticon is the perfect way to do. So share this Facebook Chat Emoticon with your significant other or your close friends, as they will greatly appreciate it.

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    Romantic Eyes Facebook Emoticon

    Romantic Eyes

    This Facebook Chat Emoticon is brimming with romance and isn’t afraid to show it. This Romantic Eyes Facebook Chat Emoticon has a special someone in its life and it is not afraid to show it and wants the world to see that it only has eyes for that person. If you have a romantic significant other in your life and chatting with them via Facebook Chat Messenger share this emoticon with them. They will appreciate the gesture and will hopefully send it back to you.

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