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    Are you in love? Seeing that special someone really makes your heart skip a beat. When you talk to them online via Facebook Messenger do you just cling to everything word they say? Why not send them over this Purple Alien Love Emoticon. Many people send over the typical heart emoticon, but if you send this to them it is something different. Show your special someone that they mean more to you than just standard emoticons, that you went out of your way to find a special one just for them? (We promise not to tell you got it from us)

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    Romantic Eyes Facebook Emoticon

    Romantic Eyes

    This Facebook Chat Emoticon is brimming with romance and isn’t afraid to show it. This Romantic Eyes Facebook Chat Emoticon has a special someone in its life and it is not afraid to show it and wants the world to see that it only has eyes for that person. If you have a romantic significant other in your life and chatting with them via Facebook Chat Messenger share this emoticon with them. They will appreciate the gesture and will hopefully send it back to you.

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