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  • Match Made in Heaven Emoticon

    Match in Heaven

    Have you met “the one” yet? If you have make sure to send them this Match Made in Heaven kissing Facebook Emoticon. It shows the other person that you do care of them, though thick and thin, and always are thinking about them. Everyone loves to be appreciated so go ahead and send them this small token that you are thinking about them and that you do think that the two of you are the best thing since sliced bread. So what are you waiting for? Hit the send in chat button now.

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    Kisses on Face Emoticon

    Kisses on Face

    Everyone loves being kissed from their significant other. Kisses really make you feel special and brighten the entire day. Sending this Kisses on Face Emoticon will show the person who you are chatting to that you would either: likes to be kissed, just been kissed, or having a fantastic day since being kissed. You are having the best day of your life and the only thing that would make it even better is more kisses form that person. So go ahead and send this emoticon over to them now.

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    Happy Valentine’s Day Facebook Emoticon

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day is a day that most women love and it causes men to lay awake at night wondering if they got the “proper” gift. Most of you can’t go wrong with flowers, candy, and a hand written note, while other women want something more. Either way to help cover your bases make sure to send your loved one this Happy Valentine’s Day Facebook Emoticon while you are talking with them on Facebook Chat. Women do appreciate the smaller things in life and sending this handy emoticon will only help increase your “brownie points” in making sure the woman in your life knows that you love and appreciate her!

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    Share a Drink Facebook Emoticon

    Share Drink

    You know you have made it big time when your crush shares a drink with you. Many people do not like to share food or drinks, but when this person does, it shows that they really do care about you and in effect are saying: “feel free to take half of this”…it is yours. So go ahead do you have that special someone in your life. Share your feelings with them by sending this Share Drink Facebook Emoticon with them right now.

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    Key to Heart Chat Emoticon

    Key to Heart

    Are you in love? Have you given someone the key to your heart? If you have make sure to send them this Key to My Heart Facebook Chat Emoticon while you are talking to them on messenger. This is a great way to show that you are totally in love with them as they have unlocked the “true” and hidden you. Everyone wants someone to love them, and since you have found that special someone it is always a good thing to remind them of it by sending this romantic emoticon to them.

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    Cupid Facebook Chat Emoticon


    Nothing personifies love (and Valentine’s Day) as this Cupid Emoticon. We all know that in Greek and Roman Mythology that Cupid is the god of: desire, love, attraction, and affection, and is the son of the love goddess: Venus (Aphrodite). Did you know that Cupid carried two types of arrows; one has a sharp golden point and the other a blunt tip of lead. If you were wounded by the golden arrow, you will be filled with uncontrollable desire towards your significant other. But if you are struck with the lead arrow you will feel aversion and desire to flee the other person.

    We made sure that the arrow that this Cupid Facebook Emoticon is the good arrow. So be sure to send this Cupid over to you crush or loved one and let them know that you are thinking about them while you are chatting with them. Also share some of the knowledge about Cupid with them as well, as they will see that not only are you beautiful but also smart ;-)

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    Card and Candy Emoticon

    Card and Candy

    We will all agree that girls are very sentimental. The smallest thing you can do for them will have the greatest meaning to them and their heart. What better way of creating an impact them sending this this I Love You Card and Candy Facebook Emoticons while you are chatting with them? I know it doesn’t have the same meaning as real cards, but while chatting it comes in a close second. Sending this emoticon to them will show that you really do care for them and their wellbeing. Just make sure that you do send the real thing latter and they will greatly appreciate it.

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    Locked Heart Chat Emoticon

    Locked Heart

    Does your heart already belong to “the one?” Do you keep it locked up with a chain and give the key only to them? Then share this Locked Heart Emoticon with that special someone while you are chatting with them on Facebook. They will appreciate knowing that they are the only ones who can unlock that big, loving, kind heart of yours. This emoticon can also server to another purpose, send it to that annoying person that will not leave you alone and tell them that they will never get your heart as it is locked away and someone already has the key.

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    Give Roses Facebook Chat Emoticon

    Give Rose

    What is the one gift that you can give almost any woman that will melt her heart? The obvious answer is flowers! This Give Rose Facebook Chat Messenger Emoticon is a cute emoticon giving a bouquet of flowers to their significant other or crush. Use this emoticon if you have recently gotten in trouble or just want to gain some extra brownie points. The only thing that you could do that is better than sending an emoticon that has flowers is actually buying the real thing. Either way enjoy using this emoticon and the person on the other end of your Facebook Chats will enjoy receiving it in their chat box.

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    Devilish Heart Emoticon

    Devilish Heart

    Do you have a little devil in you. Would you consider yourself a mischief maker, a heart breaker, or just really “wild”? This new Devilish Heart Facebook Emoticon is the perfect emoticon to describe you or one of your friends. Post this on your timeline or even send it in you chat messages to convey something naughty with a hint of nice. We try to give you every type of emoticon you need to express just the way you feel, and we hope you enjoy using this one to!

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