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    When you are kissing your significant other isn’t it like an explosion? There are so many things running through your head all at once, but the only thing thought you can truly grab and hold on to is that you do not want to stop kissing as it is an explosion of awesome. Sending this Kissing Facebook Emoticon on your chat will surely express the same sentiments while you are talking to that special someone on the other end. It will also give them a hint of what you are thinking and hoping will happen next time you see them.

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    Kissing Facebook Chat Emoticon


    Have you been kissing anyone lately? Here is an awesome Facebook Emoticon to express your feelings with your significant other. While you are chatting on Facebook Chat Messenger be sure to send this Kissing Facebook Emoticon to them to when they say something cute to you or even when you want to express how you felt last time you talk or that you are just thinking about them. Getting this emoticon in your Facebook chat will be the highlight of your day…until you can see them in person once again. So go on and share this incredible Facebook Emoticon during your latest chat session and see the response that you will get back.

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    Mistletoe Facebook Emoticon


    Everyone loves the holiday season, especially when you find a mistletoe and get to kiss your secret crush. It I the one way many people might get to express themselves when they wouldn’t otherwise due to their shy nature. So please enjoy sending this Mistletoe Facebook Emoticon to your crush while chatting with them. Who knows you might get to kiss them in real life to. It is funny that the mistletoe is known for getting to kiss people, but did you know that it is actually a poisonous plant? So make sure only to kiss people while standing under it…don’t eat it ;)

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