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  • Facebook Chef Emoticon


    Do you like to cook? If you are an aspiring chef than make sure to send this Chef Facebook Chat Emoticon to your friends via Facebook Chat. This simple emoticon show that you are aspiring to be a culinary artist OR that you are simply going to make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Either way it is a great emoticon to share with your friends and family if you are hungry and about to make something to eat.

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    Nurse Facebook Chat Emoticon


    This Nurse Facebook Chat Emoticon looks like it is ready to dish out some pain. No one likes to take a shot, but this emoticon really seems to enjoy its job! If you are about to give you some bad news to your friends via Facebook Messenger it might be best to send this Emoticon to them first to let them know they are in some pain coming up, but at the same time it is also a nice ice break to them.

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    Police Facebook Chat Emoticon


    No one loves when they are driving and see flashing red and blue lights in the back of their car. It means that you have done something wrong or broken the law. If one of your friends have stepped over the line, than send them this Police Facebook Chat Emoticon. This will help them see that they have crossed the line. Hopefully you will get an apology out from them.

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    Facebook Rock Star Chat Emoticon

    Rock Star

    A popular dream for many people is to become a rock star. Many of the reasons are for the fame, money, and for affection admirers everywhere. Sadly many people are not that musically incline. If you are one of those people make sure to send over this Rock Star Facebook Chat Emoticon to your friends to show that you do have dreams, but at times they might be out of reach.

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    Boxer Facebook Chat Emoticon


    Has someone said something to you on Facebook Messenger that makes you want to fight them? Instead of beating each other up to a pulp, send over this Boxer Facebook Chat Emoticon. Getting this cute emoticon in the messenger window will hopefully make the other person forget about what you are fighting over, and realize that it is not that important in the grand scheme of things.

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    Facebook Outlaw Chat Emoticon


    When you think of the “Old West” many people thing of Cowboys and Outlaws. This Facebook Emoticon really takes that Old West theme and gives you a nice Outlaw Facebook Chat Emoticon to use while you are talking with your friends. This is a great emoticon to use and tell them to “Stick ‘em Up” and hopefully tell you whatever secret they might be keeping from you.

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    Mummy Facebook Chat Emoticon


    I would have to say that this Mummy Facebook Chat Emoticon is really cute. I mean look at it, mummies are supposed to be scary when you see them, but getting sending this to your friends on Facebook Messenger will likely get a response similar to “aww”. This response is well deserved as it will not scare you but something you want to cuddle with. So go ahead and send this over to your friends they will most defiantly like it!

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    Facebook King Emoticon


    Who doesn’t want to be a King? There couldn’t be a better job in the eyes on many people. You are born into luxury and have a few responsibilities here and there, but nothing serious as it was back in the midlevel times thanks to many countries that have a monarchy have a parliament as well. If you are feeling royal today, than make sure to send this King Facebook Emoticon to your friends and let them know how you are feeling. Maybe they will give you something nice in return.

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    Doctor Facbook Chat Emoticon


    Who doesn’t like playing “doctor” with their significant others? Doctor is a game that is best saved for when you two are in the same room, but it is late at night and you are far apart with only Facebook Messenger to talk with. One way to let your intentions be made known is by sending this Doctor Facebook Chat Emoticon to them. Seeing this emoticon they will know what you mean and will hopefully play the game with you next time you meet.

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    Facebook Witch Chat Emoticon


    Do you wish you had magical powers? The media often portrays witches and warlocks with such esteem that many people wish they could be one themselves? The phrase witches has been around for many centuries and many cultures have had a phrases that means something similar to this. A simple definition is this: a person thought to have evil magic powers, especially with black magic. It is often used to describe a follower of the Wiccan religion. So if you are feeling like sharing some information with you friends on Facebook Messenger send over this definition as well as this cute Facebook Witch Emoticon.

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