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    Who doesn’t love getting presents and packages? One of the best things about this time of year is getting to tear open presents and finding out all the goodies that is inside just waiting for you! Now share that love of getting and receiving presents with this Facebook Emoticon Package. Sending this in the chat window gives the person that receives it something to look forward to the next time they see you. Even if you didn’t get them anything receiving any type of gift always brightens the day.

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    Under the Mistletoe Kissing Emoticon

    Mistletoe Kiss

    It is ok to send this nice Facebook emoticon to your crush. It is the holiday season is it not? Sending this Under the Mistletoe kissing will let them know your feelings for them. If not it is a cute way to show them. If they do not reciprocate when you send this Facebook Messenger Emoticon, you can just say it is the holiday season! Either way it is a great way to send this emoticon as you might get one back and that will make for a joyous day!

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    Going Down Chimney Facebook Emoticon

    Going Down Chimney

    All over the world children are waiting with keen anticipation for Santa to come down their chimney and deliver presents to them. It is very hard to even try to stay away the night before Christmas. Share this emoticon with your friends to spread the holiday cheer all around until you get your gifts. Enjoy using this emoticon in your chats with your friends and family.

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    Facebook Bell Ringing Chat Emoticon

    Bell Ringing

    One thing about the holidays is at every store that you go to you will find someone ringing a bell. Some people get very annoyed by this bell ringing, but your friends will not hate seeing the Bell Ringing Facebook Chat Emoticon in their Facebook Messenger window. This emoticon helps spread holiday cheer to all those around. So go ahead and send this cute emoticon to your friends. The will love it!

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    Drummer Facebook Chat Emoticon


    The little drummer boy is a very famous Christmas Song. Spread the holiday cheer with this Drummer Boy Facebook Chat Emoticon. Your friends will love seeing this chat emoticon in their Facebook Chat Messenger. One of the biggest advantages of sending this emoticon is that you will not have to hear someone butcher the song in person. So go ahead and send this to your friend and share the holiday cheer!

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    Four Leaf Clover Facebook Emoticon

    Four Leaf Clover

    According to tradition, four-leaf clovers bring luck to the finder, especially if they find it by accident. Did you know that each leaf of the clover represents something: faith, hope, love, and the fourth is love. There is about 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every 1 four-leaf, so that is why finding the in the wild is so rare. Also the most leave ever found on a clover is 56! So when you are sending this Four Leaf Clover Facebook Chat Emoticon share these really interesting faqs with your friends. They will surely be impressed by your knowledge of it, and hopefully get some good luck as well.

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    Facebook Pot of Gold Chat Emoticon

    Pot of Gold

    Everyone has always heard of the “pot of gold at the end of a rainbow” as a child. One of the most common reasons for this is many people thought that Leprechauns stored all their money at the end of a rainbow. People have spent a long time trying to find that end of a rainbow to find their gold. Many times this phrase is use to mean that they have or trying to achieve a certain gold. Whatever the case may be make sure to end this Pot of Gold Facebook Chat Emoticon to your friends while you are taking to them on messenger. It is a very nice emoticon that can serve to have many meanings to the receiver.

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    Leprechaun Facebook Chat Emoticon


    A leprechaun is a fairy in Irish folklore. A leprechaun takes the form of an old man, in a green coat who likes to partake of mischief in their free time. They spend all their time making shoes, hiding their money in a pot at the end of rainbows, and much more. What is interesting is if a leprechaun is ever caught by a human they are to be granted three wishes for their release. There are so many interesting tidbits about leprechauns that I could go on for ages. The important thing is that when you end over this Leprechaun Facebook Emoticon to your friends, make sure to share your knowledge about leprechauns to them. They will be very interested in knowing some of the smaller details, and it will make you appear even more intelligent in your friend’s eyes, which is always a good thing.

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    Snowman Facebook Emoticon


    Who doesn’t like the snow? One of the first things I always like to do when it snows, besides a snowball fight, is make a snowman (or snowwoman). It is a fun activity that everyone can enjoy. The only bad part is your hands and rest of your body seems to get frozen really quickly. A quicker alternative to making a snowman is sending out this Snowman Facebook Chat Emoticon to your friends. That way even if you are in an area that rarely gets snow you can take part in the snowman making festivities. This is a great way to share your love for winter with your friends and family.

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    Mistletoe Facebook Emoticon


    Everyone loves the holiday season, especially when you find a mistletoe and get to kiss your secret crush. It I the one way many people might get to express themselves when they wouldn’t otherwise due to their shy nature. So please enjoy sending this Mistletoe Facebook Emoticon to your crush while chatting with them. Who knows you might get to kiss them in real life to. It is funny that the mistletoe is known for getting to kiss people, but did you know that it is actually a poisonous plant? So make sure only to kiss people while standing under it…don’t eat it ;)

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