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    Do you have a crush and want to give them a token of your affection without really “spilling the beans”. Then send them this Heart Facebook Chat Messenger Emoticon. This emoticon is one of the best emoticons to give because it really can show a variety of emoticons. First it just a heart, or if your crush likes you back they will see that it is more than that, and it could help jump start your relationship and start taking it to the next level.

    Did you know this symbol for the heart has been around for many years? It is one of the oldest symbols around and has been used as the symbol for many religious deities throughout the ages. It has been used for the Egyptian God Osiris, Hindu God Vishnu, and many others. Don’t you think that it is interesting that the symbol that most people take for love is also used for various religious purposes as well? Just another factoid to keep you thinking or to use if your crush doesn’t reciprocate their feeling you have a good story to tell them to cover up your hidden feelings.

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    Facebook Emoticons – Kiss, Heart & Curly Lips

    Are you missing someone really badly but are unable to meet him or her right now? Why not use the sweetest of all Facebook smileys? Believe me, the new age facebook smileys can do wonders within the twinkle of an eye that words would take even days to do. Kiss is a smiley that is enjoying huge popularity among the ones newly in love and also the couples together for years. Send the kiss to someone you want to draw closer and you will get what you want. The curly lips is also another sweet FB emoticon that will let your lover know how badly you need to cuddle up with him or her.

    While these two facebook emoticons are mainly reserved for lovers, the heart is the universal of all. Whether it is your friend’s birthday, your granny’s hospital-release day or your parents’ anniversary, just send the heart and it will convey your heartfelt love for them. Put the kiss by :*, the curly lips by :3 and the heart by <3 to add the fragrant of love in your chat. Just insert these cute, Facebook emoticons, press the enter and your job is done!

    Key to Heart Chat Emoticon

    Key to Heart

    Are you in love? Have you given someone the key to your heart? If you have make sure to send them this Key to My Heart Facebook Chat Emoticon while you are talking to them on messenger. This is a great way to show that you are totally in love with them as they have unlocked the “true” and hidden you. Everyone wants someone to love them, and since you have found that special someone it is always a good thing to remind them of it by sending this romantic emoticon to them.

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    Devilish Heart Emoticon

    Devilish Heart

    Do you have a little devil in you. Would you consider yourself a mischief maker, a heart breaker, or just really “wild”? This new Devilish Heart Facebook Emoticon is the perfect emoticon to describe you or one of your friends. Post this on your timeline or even send it in you chat messages to convey something naughty with a hint of nice. We try to give you every type of emoticon you need to express just the way you feel, and we hope you enjoy using this one to!

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