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    A smile can change the course of a conversation, the nature of a talk. Facebook, while being one of the major social networking sites in the world, also provides chat facilities and smileys are one of the most important aspects of FB chats. Facebook chat emoticons are the best thing that is closest to a perfect smile, because a perfect smile can change the nature of a conversation. While conversing, it is necessary to smile because that way a conversation is informal and friendly. Facebook emoticons can be called perfect because the way they are represented graphically, they are almost identical with real life smile. Hence they can be defined as the perfect smile in the virtual world.

    Facebook emoticons are perfect in the sense that during the nature of communication via Facebook, an emoticon can actually make the conversation seem like you are talking to someone in life one where emoticons are needed to lighten up things between two people engaged in a conversation. Just as a perfect smile makes a conversation even more interesting and friendly, using a perfect emoticons during Facebook chats makes a conversation similarly interesting and informal, making the whole social networking dream come true.

    Facebook Mobile for Every Smartphone

    If you have a smartphone then you’re probably familiar with many of the popular apps that either come with the phone or can be downloaded for free, like Facebook. The Facebook app, also known as Facebook Mobile, is one of those popular applications that most users take advantage of. One can log on to their Facebook account from anywhere, and “check in”. You don’t have to miss something going on in your network of friends just because you’re not sitting in front of the computer. Facebook Mobile connects you with a simple click and scroll.

    Facebook Mobile is available for iPhones and Android phones. Use Facebook on your wireless devices, including Tablets and iPads, but especially on your phone while you’re out and on-the-go. Just be sure that your mobile device has web capabilities before you try. Upload photos and videos instantly. Let friends and family know where you’re at and what you’re doing on the weekend. There are some people who visit Facebook even more from their phone than they do while at home on the computer. It’s just convenient and makes for a good time passer, whether you’re at the airport, waiting in line at the movies, sitting under the dryer at the salon or somewhere bored.

    Now there’s an app called Facebook For Every Phone that is available for more than 2,500 different phones. It offers a fast comprehensive Facebook experience including the popular features like Inbox messaging, News Feed and photos. People from all over the globe can download this app by going to m.facebook.com.

    Facebook Lucky Horseshoe Chat Emoticon

    Lucky Horseshoe

    For many years people have thought of the horseshoe as a sign of good luck. People hang it over their door posts and many other places. That is why at Facebook Emoticons we give you the Lucky Horseshoe Chat Emoticon. Not only does this horseshoe lucky, but you get the additional luck of having it bundled with a four leaf clover! Hopefully when you send this chat emoticon to your friends they will send it right back so you will both have good luck in your future.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Facebook Green Beer Chat Emoticon

    Green Beer

    Drinking Green colored beer is a tradition that many people follow for Saint Patrick’s Day. That is why we wanted to make at least one Facebook Emoticon that showed off the green beer. So enjoy sending the Green Beer Facebook Emoticon. Remember only drink if you are of age, we do not condone underage drinking at Facebook Emoticons. But there is nothing wrong with sending a picture of it.

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    Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Facebook Emoticon

    Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day

    Everyone likes to party, especially on Saint Patrick’s Day! Many cities do a variety of things like Chicago which dyes the river Green to places where they have parades. Saint Patrick’s Day is known for drinking beer as well, especially if it is dyed green. That is why this Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Facebook Cat Emoticon is so great. Sending this in your messenger will let people know exactly what you are about to do and that they should come and join you in the celebration!

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    Facebook Rainbow Chat Emoticon


    Everyone wishes the fairy tale about rainbows and pots of gold was true, if so everyone would always be in a mad rush to find the end of the rainbow after a storm. The next best thing you can do is send off this Facbook Rainbow Chat Emoticon. Besides who wouldn’t like getting a rainbow in their chat messenger.

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    Facebook Emoticons – Use Smiles that Last Forever

    Emoticons are representations of different types of expressions that we generally make and they are highly popular today. Whether it is for internet chatting or for badges meant for bags, Facebook emoticons are used for different purposes. They look cute and can brighten up any one’s mood with their bright and cheery look. Emoticons have not just entered the world of Facebook, they have somewhat captured it. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites today and people of various race, color, sex or creed are in it. Facebook is used by people to keep in touch with their friends and relatives through messaging, chatting, etc. In order to make chats and conversations look a lot livelier, emoticons are frequently used. In fact Facebook emoticon is one of the features which enhance the appeal and beauty of Facebook Messenger.

    The popularity of these emoticons is due to the fact that they can make people remember conversations for a long time as they are meant to look conversations look a lot more real. These emoticons are located in the chat box of Facebook where there is a list of chat smiley options. Moreover, Facebook is carrying out a constant up gradation on the look of Facebook chat emoticons to make them look a lot better.

    Happy St Patrick’s Day Facebook Chat Emoticon

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day

    This is the second Facebook Chat Emoticon that displays the phrase: “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”, but we loved to so much we couldn’t just choose one emoticon. So this is why this year there are two emoticons to choose from. This Emoticon has a little more going on than the first, since it also has an emoticon dressed up as St. Patrick and he is hiding his pot of gold behind a rainbow. So what are you waiting for, send this emoticon over to your friends on Facebook Messenger and show your appreciation for this Irish based holiday.

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    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Facebook Emoticon

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day

    This simple Facebook Chat Emoticon really says it all doesn’t it: “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.” Go ahead and send on this really cool emoticon to your friend bright and early to show your appreciation for this holiday, and the many traditions that it holds. Also notice all the clovers on the side of the emoticon, may it bring your luck as well.

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    FB Emoticons | What Happens on Facebook Stays on Facebook

    Ever heard the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”? Well, sometimes what happens on Facebook needs to stay ON Facebook. With Facebook Emoticons that is quite possible because these emoticons and smileys cannot be used anywhere else! While people are putting their business on the web, posting statuses, photos and crazy wall comments, you can keep in private with FB Emoticons in your chats.

    Facebook is like the “Las Vegas” of social networking. The site has all you could ask for when partaking in social media. Then just when you thought they’ve done it all, they come out with something new! One of the recent additions to take the site by storm is Facebook Emoticons. There are plenty to choose from when you want to share your feelings in a face. Emoticons for Facebook do just the trick! Learn all of them here, then share the love using the chat device. FB Emoticons are exclusively used for facebook.com so stay tuned for more to come!

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