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  • Facebook Emoticons: Four Ways to Frown

    The frown isn’t necessarily an emoticon for Facebook that we want you to use often. However, it will get used quite a bit. Whether you’re telling a friend how much you miss them or expressing your discontent with a decision they’ve made or comment they have stated, the frown emoticon is useful. Some might call it “sad smiley” or “sad face”. No matter what you refer to it is, know that there are four different ways to create it in your Facebook chats and inbox messages.

    The frown Facebook emoticons is very simple to create. It only requires a colon, dash and parenthesis or bracket. Sometimes it only takes two of those symbols to create a frown or sad face. Here are your four options for making it:





    You could easily come up with a couple more just by branching off of those listed above. Use the frown when showing loved ones across the Internet how you feel about a court case, the rainy weather, a bad grade, recent breakup or whatever sad new. Even if you’re just empathizing with your FB buddy you can use it. There are plenty more emoticon instructions where that came from. Facebook is the most popular social network online, so it’s helpful to know all the little tricks and codes that make communicating with friends more fun. Try not to stay sad, but start expressing it with the four ways to make a frown. (shown above)

    Fall In Love with Emoticons

    With Facebook you can use Facebook emoticons to express how you really feel thought the chat box. These Facebook emoticons can be used in the chat conversations. You can use these emoticons by writing it’s shortcut into the chat box. Since Facebook is most popular social network in the world, it has a bunch of emoticons for its users to express their emotions through texts in while they are chatting with their friends and relatives. The emoticons come in different types of facial expressions like a smile, cry, sorrow, and kiss or even to express love. Once you get the hang of using these Facebook emoticons, you will be able to express yourself more fluently and clearly.

    These Facebook emoticons which are available in plenty will be very useful to clearly express your thoughts and views in a simplified form. Some of the Facebook chat emoticons are not necessarily just facial expression, but they would reflect some profound meaning of your feeling that cannot expressed clearly sometimes. Let say for example, you want to show one specific friend your wrath and your anger or frustration against them, you can simply sue the devil Facebook smiley to get the message across in a simple yet really effective way.

    Once you get the hang of using these smileys, you are going to use these smileys very fluently and effectively. These smileys will help to enhance your conversations with your friends in the most innovative way. It is fun to use these Facebook emoticons as they are easy to use, simple and really effective in getting the message across. A smile after each sentence will just add to your friend’s happiness and will make sure that the conversation does not remain stale, even a saying sorry with a smiley will deeply multiply the feeling across the chat.

    Disabling Facebook Ads

    If you’re tired of seeing those Facebook ads that appear on your profile all the time, there’s actually a way of disabling them. Get these ads removed by following the process below:

    In Firefox:

    The first thing you’ll need to do is download Firefox as your Internet browser if you don’t have it already. This can be done at firefox.com. Next, add the Greasemonkey plug-in to Firefox. This add-on changes the web page content in real time. Once you have Greasemonkey installed restart your Firefox browser. After you have restarted the browser you should install one of the Greasemonkey scripts that have been created by Greasemonkey users. These include the following plug-ins like: Cipher’s Facebook Remove Ads or Facebook Companion, Facebook – Hide FeedAds, NoPirateQuestAds, Remove All Facebook Ads and NoFacebookAds.

    In Google Chrome:

    In case you’re a Chrome user, there is a way of hiding these advertisements on Facebook by installing a simple Google Chrome extension that blocks these ads and stops them from loading while browsing Facebook. Install the Google Chrome extension called Hide Facebook Ads. This hides the ads in both the main page and the profile page. Once you’ve installed the extension, you can load the social networking site and not see any adds on your profile or main page.

    Get rid of those annoying Facebook ads using these helpful tips. If you don’t mind them, pass the information on to a friend who does.

    Symbols to Use on Facebook

    There are symbols made just for Facebook. These fun symbols are great for chatting, status updates and messaging. The cool thing about Facebook symbols is that, unlike emoticons and smileys, you aren’t limited to using them JUST in chat or inbox messages. Symbols for Facebook can be applied even in your statuses and wall posts. They are unique, but they do not contain colors like the smileys and emoticons.

    The symbols can be inserted whether you’re using a desktop computer or laptop. To insert Facebook symbols on your PC simply hold the ALT key on your keyboard while entering one of the codes listed to get the corresponding symbol. It is important that you remember to use the numbers found on the right side of the keyboard as opposed to numbers at the top. If you use the numbers at the top of your keyboard the codes won’t work.

    If you’re trying to use the symbols for Facebook from your laptop, use the following instructions:

    Press and hold the “Alt” key
    Press and hold the Fn key while holding the Alt key
    While holding the Alt and Fn key enter the necessary code (numbers on the right side of the keyboard or by the letters U, I & O).

    Lastly, an even easier way to get the Facebook symbols you want to appear, just copy and paste them from this list. Highlight the symbol of your choice and right click. Press “Copy”. Then select where you want your symbol in Facebook and hit “Paste”. You can also utilize Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for copying and pasting the symbols listed below:

    Code | Symbol
    1 = ☺
    2 = ☻
    3 = ♥
    4 = ♦
    5 = ♣
    6 = ♠
    7 = •
    8 = ◘
    9 = ○
    10 = ◙
    11 = ♂
    12 = ♀
    13 = ♪
    14 = ♫
    15 = ☼
    16 = ►
    17 = ◄
    18 = ↕
    19 = ‼
    20 = ¶

    Why Chat with Emoticons?

    Are smileys and emoticons even necessary for chatting on Facebook? There are those who may feel as though they aren’t. Then there are those who feel they are and use them all the time. Even Facebook users who utilize the chat box and don’t believe the characters are that necessary, may use emoticons more than they realize. When you type a regular smiley :) :-) or =) it automatically turns into the smiles emoticons. The same goes for a sad face, glasses and the heart.

    Think of the words you’ll save sometimes when using Facebook chat emoticons in your chat box. Facebook chat sessions become even better with the emoticons. Some of the cooler emoticons you might impress your buddy with are: the curly lips, shark, Chris Putnam, robot, penguin and the angel. All of these and more can be found here. <--- a complete list of Facebook emoticons. They symbols are cool to use also. So don’t fall into the belief that smileys and emoticons are no fun and they aren’t that useful. Just learn some new ones yourself and try them out next time you’re chatting. You’ll see the enjoyment you get once you start using them more often and your chat buddies will be tickled.

    Facebook iPad App

    This year, only a few months ago, Facebook came out with an iPad app! Many have been excited about the recent launch. Along with a mobile app, users are now able to do all their gaming and chatting and social networking on Facebook with their iPad as well. Before, social networkers had to always use their computers if they wanted do certain things on Facebook, but the new app allows them to do it all. Apple users may even enjoy a better experience if they’re using an Apple iOS device.

    One main reason why Facebook apps didn’t work on a lot of phones is because iOS devices do not support Flash. One way Facebook brought a solution for this issue is they helped a select set of developers create HTML5 versions of many of their apps and game titles so it’ll work on mobile Web browsers. Unfortunately HTML5 doesn’t offer the same performance that a lot of complex apps require. However, if they created native versions of their apps, Facebook users can connect to FB directly from the native app. Now if you get to upgrade to an iPad or iPad 2 and have a Facebook account, it’s like a win-win situation. You’ll get access to lots of apps and a great Facebook experience, including chatting! Try using the emoticons on your new tablet! Enhance your networking and chatting even more.

    What’s The Difference Between Facebook & Twitter?

    Some people often wonder what is the difference between the two social networking sites: Facebook and Twitter. While both share some of the same purposes they are quite different. Layouts aren’t the only thing that set the two apart. While Facebook and Twitter have similarities, Twitter is described moreso as an “information network”. Sure the core of the two sites focus on profiles, relationships and newsfeed for the user’s experience, but people are using them each for different purposes.

    When you become a friend with someone on Facebook, not only do you get to see their content but they gain access to yours in return. Twitter is different in this regard. On Twitter, one chooses what information he/she wants to receive and has no obligation to follow anybody. While Twitter emphasizes the actual content, Facebook emphasizes profiles and people.

    So what is the difference between a social network and an information network? Sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, hi5, and Bebo fall under the “social networking” branch of social media. Information networks, which are a more recent phenomenon, are about leveraging different networks to distribute and consume information. These types of networks include: YouTube, Digg and Flickr. Twitter is probably the best example of an information network. Just about every social media platform has aspects of both types of networks. The greatest difference between an information network and a social network is how users connect. Facebook uses a friend model while Twitter has a follow model. Content on information networks is public, while content on most of those social networks is private, mostly because of their subscription models.

    PS – Only Facebook can use Facebook emoticons!

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    Facebook Chat Emoticons Bring The Family Closer

    Facebook, being the largest and most popular social networking website, brings people closer like never before. With the help of the Facebook chat emoticons, you can express your feelings ranging from sad, happy, grief, confused and many more in a simple way rather than writing long text messages and wasting time. These emoticons are generally graphical representation of the facial expressions that help to evince the different feelings where words fail to express. Thus, the Facebook chat emoticons bring closer more than ever.

    There are Facebook emoticons for each and every feeling portrayed by the human face. For every occasion, you are bound to find the one that is best suited to deliver your occasion. The emoticons for Facebook make sure that you are not lost for words or expressions when you are talking with your close friends, family and relatives. Some of the emoticons are really meaningful and carry a much deeper and profound reflective meaning which can’t be conveyed with simple text messages. Facebook emoticons come as a welcome relief when no words can carry out the expressions.

    Facebook emoticons offer a multitude of emoticons that cater to each and every facial expression. It improves your friendship with all your loved ones even though they are miles away from you. Facebook is the only platform where all can come together, your friends and relatives, and have long conversations and also you can use emoticons to express what you feel easily than even before. These emoticons spur the emotional quotient and carry your love through million miles without any hindrances. Specifically designed and animated to suit and enlighten the mood of the conversation. Make use of these emoticons to share and spread the love among your relatives and friend and acquaintances.

    Emoticons for Facebook | Make Fun Faces

    Emotions for Facebook can be used to make a chat or a conversation between your friends and family more fun, friendly and interesting by using fun faces. The Facebook chat emoticons are aplenty and you are bound to stumble on the Facebook emoticon that would clearly express your feeling towards your friends or relatives who are in your Facebook account. The different types of Facebook emoticons include the good kid, the angry one, the money blower, the fashionista, the lazy stoner, the BFF, the saucy one, the flirt, the sketch bag, the moody one, the shy one, the buzz head, the drinker, the secret keeper, the softy and the sarcastic one.

    Since these Facebook emoticons express what you really want to say. You can use these emoticons instead of typing long sentences which may go wayward once in a while and could possibly project a wrong message. These emoticons enhance the chatting experience anytime of the day and would light up a smile in anybody’s face. For example, sarcasm doesn’t really carry well in any text conversation and it would portray a different meaning all together. This would lead to wrong interpretations and would unnecessarily create problems. These problems can be avoided by just using the sarcastic smiley at the end of every sarcastic comment you make, this would clearly depict the nature of your comments and statements.

    The emoticons for Facebook such the fun faces emoticons will cheer up any normal mundane conversations and rekindle the friendship spirits and bring you closer even though you and friends and relatives are miles away. Since Facebook is always adding many emoticons to its database, you may never run out of emoticons to depict what you really feel during any facebook chat conversations. So, enhance your chatting experience and make it more fun with the help of Facebook emoticons.

    Facebook Emoticons are Brighter Than Christmas Lights

    Using Facebook emoticons will represent you readily across the chat and internet. These emoticons readily express what you feel at the moment with much more deeper effect. A facebook emoticon that represent smiles will go a long way to bring about cheer in people’s faces, the one you chat with, as it would make them understand that you are really interested in talking to them and would reciprocate with the same amount of enthusiasm. Therefore, Facebook emoticons are much brighter than Christmas lights.

    Use these different styles of emoticons to get your feelings across, emphatically. It does not matter if your sad, happy, in a pensive mood, confused, angry or just want to show your attitude to the people you chat with; there are a plethora of emoticons for Facebook that will help you to get the message across in any instant and it would be easily understood by the people on the receiving end. Since Facebook has risen to be the most popular social network, it is loaded with emoticons for every facial expression for your convenience to chat with your friends and relatives on Facebook.

    Emoticons go a long way in bringing about good feeling in everybody while chatting. You can brighten up the day of your loved ones with these emoticons by using smileys like kiss or the curly lip emotions. These emoticons will bring closer to your loved ones even though they are miles away. You can relate to their emotions and reciprocate them to just how you really feel about them. The heart emoticon is by far the best of all the emoticons as they bring about love with the help of just one emoticon. These smileys bring a lot of emotional depth with just a little stroke of keys instead of typing big sentences to express what you really feel about the person.

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