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    Bring about some Christmas cheer even in your social media with the help of Christmas theme based emoticons. For the Christmas season, Facebook emoticons have upgraded and lot of emoticons to add to its already abundant database of Christmas theme based emoticons. These Christmas theme based emoticons will get across your message or greeting much more effectively than just using long text and superfluous messages. Moreover, these Facebook emoticons are fun to use and bring about the Christmas spirit in a jiffy as they are colorful, animate and creative.

    The various Christmas theme based emoticons for Facebook include many elements that revolve around the Christmas season. These include Christmas tree, snow, Santa Claus, Santa’s sleigh, rein deer, angels, gifts, mistletoes, candies, chocolates, stockings, snowman, lights, elves and many more. These emoticons are designed and animated to bring about cheer to all the people you chat with. For people who do not know how to express themselves eloquently find that these emoticons are a welcome change and can be used easily to clearly state the thoughts in their minds.

    Stir the emotion of Christmas spirit much more effectively with the help of these Christmas based emoticons. When you fall in short of words to get your greeting across to your loved ones who are living miles away, these emoticons come as a life saver and quickly would deliver and state your mind and views where words can’t. If you find a conversation running stale, you can always be rest assured that the usage of emoticons would bring about much cheer and joy to the conversations and would lighten and brighten up the day. Chatting at Christmas time with the help of these Christmas based emoticons makes sure that the spirit of Christmas still lives on even in Facebook conversations.

    Spread Holiday Cheer with Facebook Emoticons

    Spreading the holiday cheer has never been easier with facebook. Now, with Facebook emoticons it has become much more lively and expressive. The emoticon databases of facebook are abundant for each and every holiday season. They are tailored and designed such that they bring about the exact and corresponding message and greeting for that particular holiday season be it Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, fourth of July, and many more like the season of the year like summer, spring, autumn, and winter.

    Many people find that using emoticons is much easier as it conveys the message or greeting of the particular holiday season more effectively and with so much enthusiasm. The holiday emoticons for Facebook are easy to use and they would definitely add smile to the conversations that you have with your friends and relatives. Using Facebook chat emoticons during the holiday season will ensure that your conversation does not run stale or gets boring. Instead of using long sentences to express how you really feel, you are better off using these simple emoticons to just how clearly and explicitly the way you feel about them and also exchange greetings during the holiday season.

    Spreading holiday cheer with Facebook emoticons have shown to have been effective. Choose from a multiple facebook emoticons that represent the holiday season more perfectly than even. For Halloween season, you can choose from different emoticons like pumpkin, scary emoticons and ghosts, and many more. The Christmas based facebook emoticons include Santa Claus, Christmas tree, elves and many more. For the Fourth of July theme, there are lot of themes like the flag of USA and many more. As these emoticons can succinctly give out the message you portray to your friends and relatives a mile away, you don’t have to type long sentences to reveal your feelings.

    FB Emoticons – Speak the Same Language with Emoticons

    We live in a world of so many different people and cultures. We speak different languages, and we eat different foods as well. Our cultures can be very different. I mean you do find varieties of people in the world, but still we all are called humans. We all have hearts. We all think, we all love, we all cry, and we all make relationships. Sometimes we make relationships with the people who do not our language. But still, there is a way through which we can speak the same language and that is through Facebook emoticons. Every person in the world has similar emotions. Everyone feels similar sentiments and try to express them to their loved ones. With Facebook chat emoticons you can have time to actually speak the same “language” and get your feelings across without the use of words.

    Facebook has given those sentiments and emotions a language of emoticons which we all understand and can use while talking to each other. While chatting in an unknown language is never an easy task, but Facebook emoticons have made it possible with their use of signs and symbols. A tiny little laughing icon can say bigger than what you would say with the words. Facebook emoticons make it language of all which everybody knows and can use. Everyone now can speak the same language by using Facebook emoticons. Talking to each other was never as easy and comfortable before than what it is now with Facebook emoticons.

    Facebook Green Beer Chat Emoticon

    Green Beer

    Drinking Green colored beer is a tradition that many people follow for Saint Patrick’s Day. That is why we wanted to make at least one Facebook Emoticon that showed off the green beer. So enjoy sending the Green Beer Facebook Emoticon. Remember only drink if you are of age, we do not condone underage drinking at Facebook Emoticons. But there is nothing wrong with sending a picture of it.

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    Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Facebook Emoticon

    Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day

    Everyone likes to party, especially on Saint Patrick’s Day! Many cities do a variety of things like Chicago which dyes the river Green to places where they have parades. Saint Patrick’s Day is known for drinking beer as well, especially if it is dyed green. That is why this Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Facebook Cat Emoticon is so great. Sending this in your messenger will let people know exactly what you are about to do and that they should come and join you in the celebration!

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    Facebook Rainbow Chat Emoticon


    Everyone wishes the fairy tale about rainbows and pots of gold was true, if so everyone would always be in a mad rush to find the end of the rainbow after a storm. The next best thing you can do is send off this Facbook Rainbow Chat Emoticon. Besides who wouldn’t like getting a rainbow in their chat messenger.

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    Facebook Emoticons – Use Smiles that Last Forever

    Emoticons are representations of different types of expressions that we generally make and they are highly popular today. Whether it is for internet chatting or for badges meant for bags, Facebook emoticons are used for different purposes. They look cute and can brighten up any one’s mood with their bright and cheery look. Emoticons have not just entered the world of Facebook, they have somewhat captured it. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites today and people of various race, color, sex or creed are in it. Facebook is used by people to keep in touch with their friends and relatives through messaging, chatting, etc. In order to make chats and conversations look a lot livelier, emoticons are frequently used. In fact Facebook emoticon is one of the features which enhance the appeal and beauty of Facebook Messenger.

    The popularity of these emoticons is due to the fact that they can make people remember conversations for a long time as they are meant to look conversations look a lot more real. These emoticons are located in the chat box of Facebook where there is a list of chat smiley options. Moreover, Facebook is carrying out a constant up gradation on the look of Facebook chat emoticons to make them look a lot better.

    Happy St Patrick’s Day Facebook Chat Emoticon

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day

    This is the second Facebook Chat Emoticon that displays the phrase: “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”, but we loved to so much we couldn’t just choose one emoticon. So this is why this year there are two emoticons to choose from. This Emoticon has a little more going on than the first, since it also has an emoticon dressed up as St. Patrick and he is hiding his pot of gold behind a rainbow. So what are you waiting for, send this emoticon over to your friends on Facebook Messenger and show your appreciation for this Irish based holiday.

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    New Facebook Timeline Available Across the Globe

    Have you been seeing a different format on some of your friends profile page? There’s usually like a really large picture at the top and two columns of updates below. That’s the new Timeline that has hit Facebook. This new kind of profile lets users highlight photos, posts and events that help tell “your story”. You may have heard the term “Timeline” used more on Twitter. Well, it seems Facebook is trying to use it now as well, and make it somewhat similar. There’s a time when you can just try out the Timeline and do a trial version where he or she has 7 days to preview it. That way one can also add or hide whatever they want before anyone else sees it.

    Facebook has also made it to where you can take a tour of this new feature and learn all about the Facebook Timeline found at the top of the page. They’ll usually throw in a little advertisement for it after you’ve logged in if you haven’t seen it already. To get the timeline right now on your profile, click “Introducing Timeline page” and click “Get Timeline.

    One feature people might like is that one that allows you to hide certain things from your timeline. You can also use the privacy drop-down to edit who can see any of your posts. It even lets you select “Only Me” for those posts that you’d like to keep and see but don’t really want other people seeing.

    Timeline also has an Activity Log, which is a place where you can go back and review all your posts and activity from the day and even way back to the time you first opened an account. (I think) I know some of you are veterans on Facebook and started out when it was exclusive to college students, but try it out and see. Maybe the new Timeline on Facebook is right for you. Maybe it isn’t. If it is get to clickin’ “Get Timeline” now!

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Facebook Emoticon

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day

    This simple Facebook Chat Emoticon really says it all doesn’t it: “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.” Go ahead and send on this really cool emoticon to your friend bright and early to show your appreciation for this holiday, and the many traditions that it holds. Also notice all the clovers on the side of the emoticon, may it bring your luck as well.

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