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  • Green Monster In Love Chat Sticker

    In Love

    Being in love is the best feeling ever. The sense of euphoria that you get each time you get a phone call/text/or message from that person just sets your heart racing. What better way to show you love than this Green Monster In Love Chat Sticker. This is perfect even if it is showing love for a new pair of shoes you just found on sale.

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    Green Monster Love Chat Sticker


    Love is in the air and make sure to show your love with this Green Monster Love Chat Sticker. This sticker looks like it has found love and maybe is puckering its lips to try to sneak in a kiss. This is the a great sticker to share with your friends while you are chatting with them on Facebook Messenger.

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    The New Group Format on Facebook

    Last year many of us received news and messages letting us know that our group on Facebook was scheduled to be archived. This of course occurred when Facebook decided yet again to update (change) their layout yet AGAIN. Whether you’re a group owner or an admin you probably got this notification more than once. This was a controlled upgrade by Facebook in an effort not to disrupt the site too much by having everyone upgrading their Facebook groups all at once. This is similar to how they did the Page migration.

    If you never selected the Upgrade option for your Group then your photos and discussions may have been lost. There was also concern as to whether all the members would carry over into the new group or not, but luckily they did. Those that were banned from the groups didn’t make it into the switch either so that’s cool.

    One new feature with Facebook groups that many people probably don’t care too much for is that every time a wall post is made or anything is done in the group, members will get an e-mail notification. That may have only lasted for so long though because I think recently Facebook got the message and cut down on all the e-mail notifications. Before then (or still today) users have to go and manually adjust their settings if they don’t want constant Group updates/notifications sent to them. This is done in your settings. Just like everything else on Facebook (i.e. Chat, Privacy, notifications, etc..) you have to manually adjust it or turn it off if you don’t want to be bothered. An easy way to customize who you will and won’t get all the e-mail notifications from is by going to Account > Account Settings > Notifications > Change E-mail settings for individual groups. This should bring you to a list of all your groups and the option to select or unselect boxes.

    The Group change also made it so you have to set up a group e-mail since Facebook converted their old inboxes into the new message system. You can only send out mass messages to group members now if the group has less than 250 members. Enjoy your new Groups or if you have a change of heart try creating a Fan Page. Check out the FB Emoticons fan page we converted to once our Group was being “upgraded”.

    Facebook Rock Star Chat Emoticon

    Rock Star

    A popular dream for many people is to become a rock star. Many of the reasons are for the fame, money, and for affection admirers everywhere. Sadly many people are not that musically incline. If you are one of those people make sure to send over this Rock Star Facebook Chat Emoticon to your friends to show that you do have dreams, but at times they might be out of reach.

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    Green Monster Money Chat Sticker


    Do you have money on your mind? If so make sure while you are chatting with your friend on Facebook Messenger to send over this Green Monster Money Chat Sticker to them. Seeing this cute green monster in their chat window will show what is on your mind, and maybe they will have a few ideas on how to get some extra cash, and share those ideas with you.

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    FB Emoticons | Kiss Chris or Cry with FB Emoticons

    Kiss, Chris Putnam and Cry are the three cool Facebook smileys used to emote different expressions. Kiss is one of the cutest Facebook smileys that is unmatched in expressing romantic love. Hot favorite among the new lovers and even the long time couples, kiss is perfect to convey the message that you are really missing your partner and want to give a warm and affectionate kiss. Insert this sweet and romantic smiley in your chat, you will surely get a similar reply.

    Chris Putnam is the most iconic of all Facebook emoticons that is best to show your attitude. It is the one and only emoticon that bears a human face, that of Chris Putnam, the chief software designer of Facebook.

    Now come to the blue side of Facebook emoticons. If sad was not sufficient for your heart burning pain and you want to cry out loud, just insert the cry in your chat. But be careful when inserting cry. It can becontagious and will surely make your recipients cry for you. Type :* for kiss, :putnam: for Chris Putnam and :'( for cry.

    Green Monster Not Again Chat Sticker

    Not Again

    Has someone done something really stupid before, and yet they seemed to do it again! Well if that is the case while you are chatting with your friends on Facebook Messenger make sure to send them this Green Monster Not Again Chat Sticker. This is the closest chat sticker you can get to rolling your eyes to someone’s statement as you can get.

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    Grin at Your Friends on Facebook with Facebook Emoticons

    Regardless of what number of teeth you have in your mouth when you smile, they are sure to sparkle like pearls. The smile, around the Facebook chat Emoticons guarantees you all around. You may have been a prankster the entire day long, and by the night your mother finds in out from the lady of your lodging. It is safe to say that she is hollering at you through the Facebook message box for as long as one hour? It is impolite to overlook. Rather simply continue dropping in the smile Emoticon around your Facebook Emoticons. In the event that she is excessively furious, she may stop talking for quite a while. Furthermore assuming that she is still on the softer side, your smiles are sufficient to quiet her down. Let this be a Facebook informing diversion between your relatives.

    The Facebook chat Emoticons are shrewd apparatuses to help chat addicts go simple on their fingertips. Your Facebook emoticons really help you to say all the more by writing less of words. It is without a doubt a splendid choice from them who are new to the Facebook world. Facebook chat Emoticons helps all clients to beautify an amicable virtual picture. So in the event that it is the villain or the shark so be it! What’s more in the event that you longing to the man of the world better smile and welcome the world through your Facebook Emoticons.

    Boxer Facebook Chat Emoticon


    Has someone said something to you on Facebook Messenger that makes you want to fight them? Instead of beating each other up to a pulp, send over this Boxer Facebook Chat Emoticon. Getting this cute emoticon in the messenger window will hopefully make the other person forget about what you are fighting over, and realize that it is not that important in the grand scheme of things.

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    Not Impressed Green Monster Chat Sticker

    Not Impressed

    Has someone said something to you that was just not that impressive recently? The bad thing is that there is no chat sticker that will really show off this emoticon and feeling of not being impressed…..until now. At FacebookStickers we are proud to present the Not Impressed Green Monster Chat Sticker. So next time you are chatting with your friends on Facebook Messenger and they say something that is very “blah” make sure to send them this chat sticker and hopefully they will get the point real quick.

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