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  • Weight Lifter Facebook Chat Emoticon

    Weight Lifter

    Have you ever been at the gym and seen someone try to lift more weight than you know they can? Some people stand at awe as they try to lift this tremendous weight, and you might even see some people laugh silently. When that person does end up lifting all that weight most people are left in awe. That is what the Weight Lifter Facebook Emoticon is for; send it to someone after they have just been given some heavy news. Maybe seeing this will brighten their day.

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    Drill Sergeant Facebook Chat Emoticon

    Drill Sergeant

    Everyone hates being yelled at, but people love to yell, especially Drill Sergeant’s. Yelling is second nature to them, and I bet they have a really hard time trying to whisper in a movie theater. If you feel like you are being yelled at over Facebook Messenger, send this Drill Sergeant Facebook Chat Emoticon to your friend. They will hopefully get the point that they are yelling to much and take it back a few steps.

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    Facebook Emoticons Allow You to Share a Kiss and a Smile

    Facebook emoticons are a novel stage for imparting. These help you to unite with your close and dear ones on the most incident interpersonal interaction website accessible on the web. There are plentiful chance to take in the traps and alternate routes to investigate your chatting area utilizing Facebook emoticons. You can look at the mixed bag of emoticons with images accessible to suit your needs. It is Facebook emoticons that help you to express your enthusiastic level and make the other individual get an indication of it. Emoticons can improve the identity attribute of your correspondence while adding a comical inclination to your perspectives. You can now trade contemplation’s and make a character with enthusiastic shades and vibrancy to change the point of view.

    There are distinctive varieties in the key images, yet all Facebook emoticons take after a regular attribute and course. The greater part of the Facebook emoticons are truly clear yet you should not be really mindful of the same. Along these lines there is adequate degree that you may dependably astonish some person while utilizing the emoticons. At this point you must be mindful of the chat stage in Facebook, now its your turn to investigate new areas to upgrade your chatting knowledge. Facebook is outfitted to upgrade the way you speak with its emoticons and emoticons.

    Facebook Emoticons: Emoticons Say What You Can’t

    Facebook chat Emoticons help you to say what’s in your brain. Keeping things restrained inside clearly drives you made. Being quiet regarding circumstances and giving others a chance to shower their particular sentiments can transform into a second heck. The Facebook world may not be an excessively genuine spot, yet when approached for your perspective focuses you essentially need to disregard that attire of bashfulness. You may love to stow away behind it a large portion of the times yet, with the Facebook Emoticons you can develop certain. The world day of office propriety makes you crazy and you acknowledge that the same thing gets rehashed when you log into your Facebook account around evening time.

    It is developing challenging for your nearby companions to chat with your, essentially on the grounds that you have turned excessively formal. Attempt to relax up with the Facebook Emoticons. In the event that you aim to say, “I am blissful for you” would not joke about this and you can reveal to them the grin emoticon to help them get it. Assuming that something is irritating you, impart it by including the dismal and the befuddled emoticon. They will listen and bail you out in their own specific way. The Facebook Emoticons are incredible intends to make yourself heard to the friends and family living far away!

    FB Smileys | Say It in a Flirty Way with FB Smileys

    You can get creative with your chatting using Curly Lips & Wink Facebook emoticons. They help you express your more “flirty” side.

    Curly Lips

    If kiki falls short of holding your boundless joy, open the cupboard of Facebook smileys once again to find another wonder. Curly lips is a new gift from the designers of Facebook emoticons that denotes unbounded happiness. Facebook smileys like curly lips have dual expressions – apart from unlimited joy, it also expresses one’s desire to snuggle with the dear ones in a catty way. Although happiness is often the direct consequence of this cuddly love. Create the most adorable of Facebook emoticons by typing :3.


    It is now the time to flash your naughty side with Facebook smileys. Wink is the ideal example of the coolest facebook emoticons that allows you to toss the coin with wicked and sweet being the two choices. Wink lets you provide a clue to your innocent mischiefs in your chat while hiding all traces of it at the same time. It is also one of the cutest of facebook smileys that indulges you to play enough of kiddish pranks. You should be thankful to the inventors of this super-smart Facebook emoticons while you insert it by ;-) ;).

    Facebook Emoticons: Penguin and Shark

    There are a couple of animal characters that are Facebook emoticons and they include the penguin & the shark. What do these two creatures have in common? Both of their habitats are located near or under the water. Read about these cool emoticons brought by our Seaworld friends. See how you can express yourself using the penguin & shark emoticons.


    Love is all about getting closer and Facebook emoticons are there to show how cutely you can cuddle up with your dearest. Penguin belongs to the new inventions of cutest facebook smileys that lights up even a melancholy heart. Facebook smileys like the penguin are the best gift for your girlfriend if she is disappointed with you for your any behavior. Tell her how much you love her by sending this most endearing of facebook emoticons. Import the wonder of the icy poles by <(”) and see how it melts your lover's heart.


    If you are really angry with your friend who forgot your birthday and want to show your ire without uttering a single word let Facebook emoticons carry your message. The shark ((^^^)) from the newly arrived series of Facebook emoticons is perfect to show your friend how you will bite him on meeting. The shark is topping the chart of many of the most popular Facebook smileys. You can also express your sorrow and disappointment through the grumpy (> :( > :-(). It is really effective to send across the message that you will not be persuaded so easily. Win on your friends with the cool and edgy Facebook smileys.

    More Unhappy Facebook Emoticons

    Sometimes you have other emotions you care to share in chat that may not be cheerful but aren’t super down in the dumps. You may just share a feeling of uncertainty, shock, mild disappointment or agitation. This is where the Facebook emoticons: unsure, gasp & upset come in. Check out how to use them.


    Is it the text your friend just sent that’s making you scratch your head in vain – send the cool facebook smileys to convey that. Unsure or errr is the most certain of all Facebook emoticons to let others know that you’re not certain about what they said. Just type in :/ :-/ :\ :-\ to reflect your confused mind. If you are surprised to hear something, Facebook emoticons such as unsure will send a snap of your gaping mouth very easily. Let the coolest of facebook smileys be your spokesperson in such situations.


    Whether you see pigs flying high in the sky or your doggy greeting you in human voice, nothing can convey that like the facebook smileys. Gasp is one of the most super emotive Facebook emoticons to let others know about your astonishment. Facebook emoticons like gasp can be used to express both pleasant and unpleasant surprises. You can also use any other facebook smileys with gasp to explain in a little detail about how exactly you feel about something. Let gasp carry the image of your gaping mouth by typing :-O :O :-o :o.


    Facebook emoticons have already shown their potential in emoting the trickiest of expressions. Upset is another most challenging of facebook smileys that is just right for you if you have recently suffered a heartbreak. You can combine upset with similar facebook smileys like grumpy or frown to express yourself more lucidly. Upset is also one of the most contagious facebook emoticons that has the big chance to make others upset as well. Insert this sensitive smiley by >:O >:-O >:o >:-o in your chat.

    Facebook Purple Alien Love Emoticon


    Are you in love? Seeing that special someone really makes your heart skip a beat. When you talk to them online via Facebook Messenger do you just cling to everything word they say? Why not send them over this Purple Alien Love Emoticon. Many people send over the typical heart emoticon, but if you send this to them it is something different. Show your special someone that they mean more to you than just standard emoticons, that you went out of your way to find a special one just for them? (We promise not to tell you got it from us)

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    Yawn Green Monster Facebook Chat Sticker


    Is it late at night and you feel the tinge of sleep starting to gnaw at you, or you find yourself yawning all the time? If that is the case than make sure to sent this Yawn Green Monster Facebook Chat Sticker to your friends. Once they see this chat sticker in their Facebook Messenger account they will know that you are tired and it is time to conclude the chat they are having with you.

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    Facebook Emoticons: Putnam and Pacman

    The different social networking sites have a flurry of scopes for you to make use of the emoticons in between chats to cook up an interesting conversation. Facebook emoticons or emoticons are the facial expression that emotes anger, frustration, sad, happiness, mischief and so on. But Facebook reaches beyond the list with Putnam and Pacman that carry faces of real people or of famous icons.

    Chris Putnam is the iconic figure behind the designing of the Facebook. His contribution to the chat world is phenomenal. Hence, Chris Putnam emoticon of emoticons has the real person’s face and when you are inserting it you take your conversation to a new height. The statement you are trying to make and the image that you want to convey is represented by the face of Chris Putman.

    Pacman is the yellow famous game character. The world of gizmos and tech-world owes thanks to him for his astounding ability to color up the Pacman game. He is raging with popularity in Facebook and his use make kids jump with joy. Pacman gives the same fun and interest that kids used to love. Facebook emoticons are the best and therefore when you use the Facebook emoticon you will love the way your conversation shapes up.

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