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  • Ready to Eat Facebook Emoticon

    Ready to Eat

    This Facebook Emoticon is hilarious. It really describes how many people feel when they are hungry and ready to eat. If you ever catch yourself on Facebook Chat Messenger and look for a better way of saying: “Time to go get some food”, then send your friends over this Ready To Eat Facebook Chat Emoticon. This emoticon has it all: a bib, fork, knife, and even a great smile to show that you are ready to devour some food now.

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    Show Me The Money Facebook Emoticon

    Show Me The Money

    Have you ever had someone owe you money, but they never seem to pay it back? Well if your are chatting with this friend on Facebook send them this Show Me The Money Emoticon. This emoticon is a nice and friendly reminder to the person you are chatting with that they owe you some money, and you would like to have it back promptly. Another good use of this emoticon is if you are begging your friends for a few extra dollars to get by. The genuine smile of this emoticon might warm their hearts and let you borrow a few dollars.

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    Give Roses Facebook Chat Emoticon

    Give Rose

    What is the one gift that you can give almost any woman that will melt her heart? The obvious answer is flowers! This Give Rose Facebook Chat Messenger Emoticon is a cute emoticon giving a bouquet of flowers to their significant other or crush. Use this emoticon if you have recently gotten in trouble or just want to gain some extra brownie points. The only thing that you could do that is better than sending an emoticon that has flowers is actually buying the real thing. Either way enjoy using this emoticon and the person on the other end of your Facebook Chats will enjoy receiving it in their chat box.

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    Why Chat with Emoticons?

    Are smileys and emoticons even necessary for chatting on Facebook? There are those who may feel as though they aren’t. Then there are those who feel they are and use them all the time. Even Facebook users who utilize the chat box and don’t believe the characters are that necessary, may use emoticons more than they realize. When you type a regular smiley :) :-) or =) it automatically turns into the smiles emoticons. The same goes for a sad face, glasses and the heart.

    Think of the words you’ll save sometimes when using Facebook chat emoticons in your chat box. Facebook chat sessions become even better with the emoticons. Some of the cooler emoticons you might impress your buddy with are: the curly lips, shark, Chris Putnam, robot, penguin and the angel. All of these and more can be found here. <--- a complete list of Facebook emoticons. They symbols are cool to use also. So don’t fall into the belief that smileys and emoticons are no fun and they aren’t that useful. Just learn some new ones yourself and try them out next time you’re chatting. You’ll see the enjoyment you get once you start using them more often and your chat buddies will be tickled.

    Facebook Stores | Setting Up a Store on Facebook

    Today you can learn how to create a store on Facebook. We’ve shown you emoticons, symbols, smileys and even fan pages. Now get a few tips on setting up your storefront. Facebook has not only become a place where people connect and talk, but also a spot for purchasing stuff. You can have a storefront with one product set up within 15 minutes. There are different applications that allow you to do this. One is called Payvment. As of now it won’t cost you anything to set up your storefront. Using this application you won’t even be charged a percentage of your sales.

    First, make sure that you have a PayPal account – personal and business.

    To set up your store go the Application page and follow the directions listed.

    When adding a new product, simply enter the item data and upload an image.

    Store features:
    -ability to create multiple categories of products
    -option sets (i.e. different sizes, colors,..)
    -tracking of sales
    -ability to feature a product on the main page

    Storefront Social, which does charge, has good feature that can help you make the most of your Social Media Storefront. It provides preconfigured Social Share buttons, allowing users to quickly showcase and share a specific product. Storefront Social also allows one to create an easily searchable portal for Facebook customers. Storefront Social has a great way of importing the products and having them in sync. They also work with other leading stores like Bonanzle and Google Merchant Feeds.

    Creating your Facebook store is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Follow the instructions above and try it today!

    Facebook Emoticons | Stick out Your Tongue with Emoticons

    It’s time to show a little bit of attitude to those Facebook friends who make it a point to pick on you. You might be practicing it over the mirror for a time, but when you’re on Facebook you can behave like a true Facebook user. Take judicious help from your Facebook emoticons right way. The Facebook chat emoticons can play the cupid for you, while helping you connect with new friends at the same time.

    Free Facebook Emoticons - FREE DOWNLOAD - Click here to download them now!

    In the mood to spoil a serious discussion? Use the tongue icon in the chat box. Your friend will soon reply back, with selective Facebook emoticons from the other end; and there goes all the dull discussion of the air! Facebook emoticons can engage users in several ways of little entertainment that can singularly be deprived from plain conversations. Start a topic with the cool Facebook chat emoticons and let your worries aside for a moment. Start chatting through mobiles sets and even through your laptops and PCs. If you are capable of finding fun out of the little things in life, you can make the best use of the funny little circles from this moment on. With Facebook by your side, life gets better each day.

    Facebook Chat Emoticons: If We Could Chat with the Animals

    Remember the original “Dr. DoLittle” movie? The signature song from the film was “If We Could Talk to the Animals”. Now, in 2011, we can chat using animals using Facebook emoticons! Did you know that there are some FB Chat emoticons that are animals? The penguin and shark help to express what you’re feeling, or just simply show some fun. The robot, devil and heart aren’t exactly FB emoticons that are animals, but they aren’t your typical smiley.

    Facebook emoticons that are animal-related let you have fun during chat. Maybe you just watched the movie JAWs or you feel like taking off someone’s head. That’s where the shark emoticon comes in. Perhaps you’re getting ready to be in your homeboy’s wedding and it requires you to wear a stiff tux all day. With penguins looking they’re dressed up in tuxedos, you may poke fun at your situation using the penguin Facebook emoticon. No matter how you use them, use them whenever you want! They’re simple to learn and free! The Shark only requires the following (^^^) and the penguin is a matter of entering: <(“). Chat with animal Facebook emoticons but you don’t have to stray too far from the classics either. There’s so many to learn! Why not start now?

    FB Emoticons | Come Face to Face with Exclusive Emoticons

    Only Facebook has Facebook emoticons for chat! That’s almost a given right?! Well, Facebook chat emoticons have some exclusive emoticons that you won’t see or get to use in other Instant messaging platforms. There’s the Chris Putnam emoticon for one! How many IM’s let you create a shark or penguin? Facebook emoticons surely have both of those. Even though you may not be able to see your FB buddy face to face, the emoticons for Facebook allow you to get the next best thing. Use them to depict exactly how you’re feeling at the moment.

    If you normally like to chat with smileys then this should be easy for you. You have an entire list of FB emoticons to choose from. Of course there’s the classic wink, grin, sad, mad and maybe even sunglasses. But what about squinty eyes, angel, grumpy, Pacman and robot? I bet you didn’t even know about some of those Facebook emoticons! They’re all there too! It’s just a matter of you learning them, which is just as simple as finding them. You can even make curly lips and send kisses using the exclusive emoticons for Facebook. It’s still hot outside so I know you’re probably staying in during the afternoon chatting with old friends from school. You may as well practice up on the Facebook emoticons you’re unfamiliar with.

    FB Chat Emoticons | Chat More with Chat Emoticons

    Someone seemed to know what they were doing when creating the keyboard. Who knew these letters and symbols would one day go so far as to making smiley faces and Facebook emoticons. Take a look at all the simple combinations that create our little yellow colorful friends. They say for you what your fingers cannot and are super easy to create! Using a couple of a letters, a number or two, the shift key, and the Alt key helps you make things you would never imagine, and in 2011 they’re referred to as Facebook emoticons. With everyone so involved in social networking the Facebook emoticons for chat couldn’t have come in at a better time!

    Stop daydreaming at work. You might as well use that time to chat with friends using the Facebook chat emoticons. You could even just be at home sitting by the computer. Learn something new! Look at all the characters we have to offer. Facebook emoticons consist of both happy and sad or disgruntled faces. The 2 animal emoticons are shark and penguin. Then you’ve got the heart FB emoticon to share extra love through the web. Facebook emoticons are free and simple to use. If you’ve already figured out the updated chat format on Facebook, then go right back to using the smileys to convey your true feelings. Check out our facebook page too!

    How to Say “I Adore You” with Facebook Emoticons

    Love is in the air, all around you. Bring it down into your chat box and sent him or her all your love-filled messages punctuated with the appropriate Facebook emoticons. The wedding bells can wait and neither can the wedding vows. Facebook emoticons can play as the new age cupids for you. These cute little smileys are known to spread love and get people connected for the better, on the world’s most popular networking site- you very own Facebook. Now you send numerous beating hearts and curly lips. If your lovemate brings an unwanted argument, speak out all your emotions sealed in a single kiss icon. The Facebook chat emoticons are easy to design for most of them use selective alphabets, numbers and an array of keyboard symbols to take shape.

    Free Facebook Emoticons - FREE DOWNLOAD - Click here to download them now!

    You can spend a few minutes to study up the keys for the Facebook emoticons. Why learn all the tricks alone? Sit with your beloved no matter how far she is, and practice sending hearts to each other. The Facebook chat emoticons are giving lovers to speak a new language join in and learn it up to impress you partner.

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