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  • Facebook Emoticons: Have Loads of Fun with Pacman Emoticon

    Save your fingers from getting sore by learning the shortcut keys to create those lovable Facebook emoticons. The pacman icon, among the other special Facebook emoticons, is meant for those who want to try out a different image at Facebook. When things start becoming too easy then you need to seek out new adventurous ways to make them get to the next complex level. The same notion holds true for your Facebook emoticons. Get the retro look and bring back the golden days of your grandparents, or even that of your parents.

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    Go western on Facebook and get the pacman ready for your commands. This icon takes after the famous video game of the 80’s that become a hit among teens and gaming societies. With easy to combine and create symbols you can make the open mouth pacman speak aloud in the chat box, each time you need to emphasis on your point. This can again be used to say, that you are still the same old person and nothing has changed over the time! The unique Facebook emoticons bring out the best experiences one can ever have in the virtual world of social networking.

    New Facebook Chat Emoticons

    Everyone loves when something new is released. We are proud to present some new Facebook Chat Emoticons! Enjoy using this wide variety of emoticons listed below. We tried to cover a wide variety of things ranging from: using tablets, taking pictures, and even shopping. What are you waiting for? Start sending these new Facebook Emoticons to your friends while you are chatting to really help make your chats come to life and be more lively.

    Beyond Angry Bubble Gum Kiss Don’t Mess With Me
    Beyond Angry Bubble Gum Kiss Don't Mess With Me
    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat
    Dreaming of My Crush I Love Nerds I Love This Song
    Dreaming of My Crush I Love Nerds I Love This Song
    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat
    Kill Me Now Picture Taking Playing On Tablet
    Kill Me Now Picture Taking Playing On Tablet
    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat
    Powerful Kiss Shopping Shutting Up
    Powerful Kiss Shopping Shutting Up
    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Facebook Emoticons | Surprise Your Chat Buddies using FB Emoticons

    Stick your tongue out and reject the boring ideas your friends are trying to convince you with. You’ve got the tongue icon among many other Facebook chat emoticons to speak for yourself. Why take the pain to jutting out you tongue, the cute buddies are good enough to drive home your specific message of repulse. You can deprive fun out of making faces at each other only when you get to see the image. This is exactly what your Facebook emoticons are for. The well designed and easy to make Facebook chat emoticons comprise all the basic facial reactions we are capable of making from time to time. They can be created directly through predetermined codes and symbolic sequences, like “:”, “:” and many more. You can simply send a greeting tagged with a smile icon and get the same open warm greetings in return.

    Free Facebook Emoticons - FREE DOWNLOAD - Click here to download them now!

    Learn about all the advanced Facebook emoticons like the shark, the pacman and the robot. After all, it’s your turn to find out exciting ways to addressing your friends and surprising them time and again with your online antics. Facebook chat emoticons are gaining popularity not only because they are capable of saying more than words, but also because they tend to be perfect imitators of live expressions.

    Facebook Chat Emoticons: Chat with Lots of Emotion

    Facebook Emoticons gives you the ultimate opportunity to express your true feelings with ease. Facebook is the medium where you can connect with your distant friends and relatives and also make new friends. Old friends come together after a long time and share their feelings with you, or you share your feelings with them through this virtual medium. If someone is really close, and connected to your heart, then it becomes very important for you to make them understand your feelings and emotions. Facebook Chat Emoticons play a very important role in adding emotions to your conversation.

    Different Facebook Emoticons are available for different emotional upsurge. Whether you are happy, sad, witty, pious, evil or offensive, your different emotions are taken care of with these wonderful Facebook Chat Emoticons. If you are getting bored or you have someone in front you then you don’t have to say anything just send a smiley and it is understood. Sometimes, even a wink emoticon along with a message matters a lot to indicate when you are in a humorous mood. These Facebook emoticons make your conversation simpler as well as easier to understand. They make your chat conversations memorable and interesting. So don’t think twice to download these wonderful Facebook Chat Emoticons.

    Christmas Chatting

    Bring about some Christmas cheer even in your social media with the help of Christmas theme based emoticons. For the Christmas season, Facebook emoticons have upgraded and lot of emoticons to add to its already abundant database of Christmas theme based emoticons. These Christmas theme based emoticons will get across your message or greeting much more effectively than just using long text and superfluous messages. Moreover, these Facebook emoticons are fun to use and bring about the Christmas spirit in a jiffy as they are colorful, animate and creative.

    The various Christmas theme based emoticons for Facebook include many elements that revolve around the Christmas season. These include Christmas tree, snow, Santa Claus, Santa’s sleigh, rein deer, angels, gifts, mistletoes, candies, chocolates, stockings, snowman, lights, elves and many more. These emoticons are designed and animated to bring about cheer to all the people you chat with. For people who do not know how to express themselves eloquently find that these emoticons are a welcome change and can be used easily to clearly state the thoughts in their minds.

    Stir the emotion of Christmas spirit much more effectively with the help of these Christmas based emoticons. When you fall in short of words to get your greeting across to your loved ones who are living miles away, these emoticons come as a life saver and quickly would deliver and state your mind and views where words can’t. If you find a conversation running stale, you can always be rest assured that the usage of emoticons would bring about much cheer and joy to the conversations and would lighten and brighten up the day. Chatting at Christmas time with the help of these Christmas based emoticons makes sure that the spirit of Christmas still lives on even in Facebook conversations.

    Facebook Emoticons: Prove Your Love Through Chat

    Say it once and you might have to keep saying it for the rest of your lifetime. And if this is the logic working behind proclaimed your love for some one-so be it, the diligent Facebook emoticons will never complain. Greet him or her in the morning with a simple smile and receive the magnificent grin from the other end. Just place your hand on your heart-you can count the fluttering beat! Thinking about a boring file to check and complete it before your annoying superior bugs in again, a little beating heart popping up suddenly will help you cheer up altogether. Maybe it was you who initiated the art of using Facebook chat emoticons, but when you get heart warming responses in return you can hardly stop smiling.

    The Facebook world is one such portal that silently gets your loved ones near to you, with such a stand that you will actually start feeling warm and comfortable once again. The Facebook emoticons are nothing but short key combinations that can be inserted with a second. You will actually be able to call your little apple of the eye “a sweet angel” by simply making a yellow face with a halo smile at her through the chat message box. The Facebook chat emoticons are perfect chat mates for all account holders.

    Facebook Emoticons Keyboard Shortcuts

    You’ve got to know how to make your facebook chat sessions amazing! Just try out the exclusive Facebook emoticons. The emoticons express your feelings in a way quite unlike your ill framed sentences. They take your conversations to a new level where much is said without the exchange of regular words. Your facebook chat emoticons cater to all the varieties of expressions and include not only on the common one but also those that help you create a new identity. The facebook chat emoticons come along with your chat dialog box and you can actually save a lot of time if you know the exact shortcuts.

    If love is in the air then just type a lesser than sign and the digit three – there goes your heart beating for your love, blinking on the screen. If it is to do with rewarding your sibling for their success, send smiles and grins. Next time when people try to show you some attitude, tell them-“who is the real devil in the FB world”. The Facebook emoticons include special smileys like pacman that takes after the FB founder, kiki- to say hello in Japanese style and much more to make your conversation endearing and long lasting.

    Facebook Emoticons – How To Give A Kiss Using Facebook Emoticons

    All the lovebirds out there listen up! If Facebook is your ultimate clandestine aboard to play the love games, you need Facebook emoticons to help you out. Facebook emoticons are ready designs that reflect all the major facial expressions we find ourselves making at others from time to time. Are you feeling romantic yet again and wish to blow a kiss to your love sitting at the other end of the monitor? Nothing stops you from doing so on Facebook, for you only got to insert the signs (:-* :*) to create a perfect kiss.

    Free Facebook Emoticons - FREE DOWNLOAD - Click here to download them now!

    This is one of those fevered emoticons for facebook that has constant fans still the site came up with icons. With the old turning to social networking sites to connect with their grandchildren, let your granny and grandpa know how much you love them by sending either of the symbols (:-* :*). Your son is off the finish of his course in another city and is missing you all of a sudden, tell him you are around and about with the help of Facebook chat emoticons like the grin and kiss, to lift up his spirits. FB fans are using them in abundance, join the league and show your love for these cute little smileys.

    Frightened Facebook Emoticon


    Have you been trying to find a Facebook Emoticon that really shows that you are scared, frightened, or terrified of something. There are plenty of emoticons that show sadness, anger, happiness, and much more, but nothing for being frightened. Fear not faithful Facebook Emoticon readers as we present to you an emoticon that you can send over Facebook Messenger that will show that feeling. We present the Frightened Facebook Chat Emotion. This emotion really shows off the sure terror that has been recently placed upon it. So if you are reading a scary book, watching a movie, or have something else happen in your life that is really scary, such a pop quiz, use this Frightened Emoticon next time you are telling your friends what happened, as this emoticon will really show how frightening that experience was for you.

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    Facebook Teethy Smile Emoticon

    Teethy Smile

    Many people in the world tend to use emoticons that really express happiness. This new Teethy Smile Facebook Emoticon will quickly be your favorite “go to” emoticon due to the fact that it shows a very wide grin that shows lots of teeth at the same time. It really helps express how happy you are at that moment. It might be due to you passing a hard test, finishing a project at work, or many other things to be happy about. So go ahead and share this emoticon to your friends and show how happy you are at the moment.

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