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    You’ve got to know how to make your facebook chat sessions amazing! Just try out the exclusive Facebook emoticons. The emoticons express your feelings in a way quite unlike your ill framed sentences. They take your conversations to a new level where much is said without the exchange of regular words. Your facebook chat emoticons cater to all the varieties of expressions and include not only on the common one but also those that help you create a new identity. The facebook chat emoticons come along with your chat dialog box and you can actually save a lot of time if you know the exact shortcuts.

    If love is in the air then just type a lesser than sign and the digit three – there goes your heart beating for your love, blinking on the screen. If it is to do with rewarding your sibling for their success, send smiles and grins. Next time when people try to show you some attitude, tell them-“who is the real devil in the FB world”. The Facebook emoticons include special smileys like pacman that takes after the FB founder, kiki- to say hello in Japanese style and much more to make your conversation endearing and long lasting.

    Facebook Emoticons – How To Give A Kiss Using Facebook Emoticons

    All the lovebirds out there listen up! If Facebook is your ultimate clandestine aboard to play the love games, you need Facebook emoticons to help you out. Facebook emoticons are ready designs that reflect all the major facial expressions we find ourselves making at others from time to time. Are you feeling romantic yet again and wish to blow a kiss to your love sitting at the other end of the monitor? Nothing stops you from doing so on Facebook, for you only got to insert the signs (:-* :*) to create a perfect kiss.

    Free Facebook Emoticons - FREE DOWNLOAD - Click here to download them now!

    This is one of those fevered emoticons for facebook that has constant fans still the site came up with icons. With the old turning to social networking sites to connect with their grandchildren, let your granny and grandpa know how much you love them by sending either of the symbols (:-* :*). Your son is off the finish of his course in another city and is missing you all of a sudden, tell him you are around and about with the help of Facebook chat emoticons like the grin and kiss, to lift up his spirits. FB fans are using them in abundance, join the league and show your love for these cute little smileys.

    New Various Facebook Chat Emoticons

    Everyone loves new chat emoticons to use while talking to their friends on Facebook Chat Messenger. These new emoticons have a variety of new actions that will make chatting with your friends even better. So enjoy using them while you are talking with your friends.


    Bright Idea Brushing Teeth Crossing Fingers
    Bright Idea Brushing Teeth Crossing Fingers
    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat
    Dollar Signs Drinking Water Meditating
    Dollar Signs Drinking Water Meditating
    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat
    Popping a Zit Shaving Smelly
    Popping a Zit Shaving Smelly
    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat
    Yelling You’re Late  
    Yelling You're Late  
    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat Send Sticker In Facebook Chat  


    Frightened Facebook Emoticon


    Have you been trying to find a Facebook Emoticon that really shows that you are scared, frightened, or terrified of something. There are plenty of emoticons that show sadness, anger, happiness, and much more, but nothing for being frightened. Fear not faithful Facebook Emoticon readers as we present to you an emoticon that you can send over Facebook Messenger that will show that feeling. We present the Frightened Facebook Chat Emotion. This emotion really shows off the sure terror that has been recently placed upon it. So if you are reading a scary book, watching a movie, or have something else happen in your life that is really scary, such a pop quiz, use this Frightened Emoticon next time you are telling your friends what happened, as this emoticon will really show how frightening that experience was for you.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Facebook Teethy Smile Emoticon

    Teethy Smile

    Many people in the world tend to use emoticons that really express happiness. This new Teethy Smile Facebook Emoticon will quickly be your favorite “go to” emoticon due to the fact that it shows a very wide grin that shows lots of teeth at the same time. It really helps express how happy you are at that moment. It might be due to you passing a hard test, finishing a project at work, or many other things to be happy about. So go ahead and share this emoticon to your friends and show how happy you are at the moment.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Ready to Eat Facebook Emoticon

    Ready to Eat

    This Facebook Emoticon is hilarious. It really describes how many people feel when they are hungry and ready to eat. If you ever catch yourself on Facebook Chat Messenger and look for a better way of saying: “Time to go get some food”, then send your friends over this Ready To Eat Facebook Chat Emoticon. This emoticon has it all: a bib, fork, knife, and even a great smile to show that you are ready to devour some food now.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    FB Smileys: Grin & Tongue | Classic FB Smileys


    You just can’t help putting grin, the most pleasing of all Facebook emoticons if you want to make your recipient share your hearty smile. A big smile is the music of heart and no one can play this tune as grin does. Grin is the most universally used Facebook emoticons to spread happiness of the sender to the recipient. You can make anyone happy by using facebook smileys like smile and grin at any time. The shiniest of all Facebook smileys brightens all hearts with the simple shortcuts, :-D :D =D.


    There is no smarter way to pull legs as you can do with the Facebook emoticons. As soon as its arrival, tongue has become one of the most popular facebook smileys. If you regret not being able to stick your tongue out to someone openly, now is the time. Facebook emoticons like tongue and wink are the flip sides of the mischief coin. Stop being a goody girl or a goody boy, wear your saucy attitude up your sleeves and send the craziest of Facebook smileys to someone you wish to irritate. Just type :-P:P:-p:p=P and get it done.

    Facebook Emoticons | Stick out Your Tongue with Emoticons

    It’s time to show a little bit of attitude to those Facebook friends who make it a point to pick on you. You might be practicing it over the mirror for a time, but when you’re on Facebook you can behave like a true Facebook user. Take judicious help from your Facebook emoticons right way. The Facebook chat emoticons can play the cupid for you, while helping you connect with new friends at the same time.

    Free Facebook Emoticons - FREE DOWNLOAD - Click here to download them now!

    In the mood to spoil a serious discussion? Use the tongue icon in the chat box. Your friend will soon reply back, with selective Facebook emoticons from the other end; and there goes all the dull discussion of the air! Facebook emoticons can engage users in several ways of little entertainment that can singularly be deprived from plain conversations. Start a topic with the cool Facebook chat emoticons and let your worries aside for a moment. Start chatting through mobiles sets and even through your laptops and PCs. If you are capable of finding fun out of the little things in life, you can make the best use of the funny little circles from this moment on. With Facebook by your side, life gets better each day.

    Facebook Chat Emoticons Bring The Family Closer

    Facebook, being the largest and most popular social networking website, brings people closer like never before. With the help of the Facebook chat emoticons, you can express your feelings ranging from sad, happy, grief, confused and many more in a simple way rather than writing long text messages and wasting time. These emoticons are generally graphical representation of the facial expressions that help to evince the different feelings where words fail to express. Thus, the Facebook chat emoticons bring closer more than ever.

    There are Facebook emoticons for each and every feeling portrayed by the human face. For every occasion, you are bound to find the one that is best suited to deliver your occasion. The emoticons for Facebook make sure that you are not lost for words or expressions when you are talking with your close friends, family and relatives. Some of the emoticons are really meaningful and carry a much deeper and profound reflective meaning which can’t be conveyed with simple text messages. Facebook emoticons come as a welcome relief when no words can carry out the expressions.

    Facebook emoticons offer a multitude of emoticons that cater to each and every facial expression. It improves your friendship with all your loved ones even though they are miles away from you. Facebook is the only platform where all can come together, your friends and relatives, and have long conversations and also you can use emoticons to express what you feel easily than even before. These emoticons spur the emotional quotient and carry your love through million miles without any hindrances. Specifically designed and animated to suit and enlighten the mood of the conversation. Make use of these emoticons to share and spread the love among your relatives and friend and acquaintances.

    FB Emoticons | What Happens on Facebook Stays on Facebook

    Ever heard the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”? Well, sometimes what happens on Facebook needs to stay ON Facebook. With Facebook Emoticons that is quite possible because these emoticons and smileys cannot be used anywhere else! While people are putting their business on the web, posting statuses, photos and crazy wall comments, you can keep in private with FB Emoticons in your chats.

    Facebook is like the “Las Vegas” of social networking. The site has all you could ask for when partaking in social media. Then just when you thought they’ve done it all, they come out with something new! One of the recent additions to take the site by storm is Facebook Emoticons. There are plenty to choose from when you want to share your feelings in a face. Emoticons for Facebook do just the trick! Learn all of them here, then share the love using the chat device. FB Emoticons are exclusively used for facebook.com so stay tuned for more to come!

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