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    Do you have a crush and want to give them a token of your affection without really “spilling the beans”. Then send them this Heart Facebook Chat Messenger Emoticon. This emoticon is one of the best emoticons to give because it really can show a variety of emoticons. First it just a heart, or if your crush likes you back they will see that it is more than that, and it could help jump start your relationship and start taking it to the next level.

    Did you know this symbol for the heart has been around for many years? It is one of the oldest symbols around and has been used as the symbol for many religious deities throughout the ages. It has been used for the Egyptian God Osiris, Hindu God Vishnu, and many others. Don’t you think that it is interesting that the symbol that most people take for love is also used for various religious purposes as well? Just another factoid to keep you thinking or to use if your crush doesn’t reciprocate their feeling you have a good story to tell them to cover up your hidden feelings.

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    New Facebook Chat Emoticons

    Everyone loves when something new is released. We are proud to present some new Facebook Chat Emoticons! Enjoy using this wide variety of emoticons listed below. We tried to cover a wide variety of things ranging from: using tablets, taking pictures, and even shopping. What are you waiting for? Start sending these new Facebook Emoticons to your friends while you are chatting to really help make your chats come to life and be more lively.

    Beyond Angry Bubble Gum Kiss Don’t Mess With Me
    Beyond Angry Bubble Gum Kiss Don't Mess With Me
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    Dreaming of My Crush I Love Nerds I Love This Song
    Dreaming of My Crush I Love Nerds I Love This Song
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    Kill Me Now Picture Taking Playing On Tablet
    Kill Me Now Picture Taking Playing On Tablet
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    Powerful Kiss Shopping Shutting Up
    Powerful Kiss Shopping Shutting Up
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    Facebook Diploma Chat Emoticon


    This is your final year in school, wither it be college or high school. They proudly show off your accomplishment with this Diploma in hand Chat Emoticon. This Facebook Chat Emoticon will show the world that you are about to graduate (or already have) and that you are ready to move on with the next stage of your life. This is something that everyone will be happy to see and be extremely proud of you for accomplishing. Just be glad that this emotion doesn’t require you to make a big speech after you send it.

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    Facebook Emoticons | Back to School Emoticons

    It’s that time of the year again! Summer is coming to a close and classes are back in session. With classes back in session your Facebook chat sessions still don’t seem to end, whether you’re doing it after school or during class. Facebook emoticons are great for back to school time too! We’ve come up with what’s called “Back-To-School Emoticons”! Emoticons for Facebook has a few that really stood out to us and are applicable for getting back into the swing of things. You can use the FB chat emoticons a number of ways.

    The first “Back-to-School emoticon” we’d like to focus on is the glasses emoticons. To create it you simply type: an 8 or a capital B and the rest of the smiley (nose & mouth) like this B-) B) 8-) 8). You might look more educated wearing your prescription glasses or feel studious using this emoticon. Maybe you’re just due for a better prescription and want to get your new specs in time for the schoolyear. Our second B2S emoticon is the unsure. If you’re torn between emotions of feeling sad to say goodbye to summer and return to doing homework, but are also excited to see your school friends who you may have missed over the summer make the unsure FB emoticon. It’s also good for when you cannot understand the Geometry or Algebra formula for a problem. The unsure emoticon can be made 4 different ways: :/ :-/ :\ :-\.

    Finally our third Back-to-School smiley emoticon is the Robot, since that’s what you’re about to turn into! Working robots!! Here’s how to make it: :|] (a colon, a straight line & right bracket) Enjoy your Facbeook emoticons and embrace the idea of getting back into the swing of homework, sack lunches, bus rides, sports and teachers cause ready or not, here it comes!

    Facebook Symbols: Music | Music Symbols

    When expressing your playful mood or that you are in the mood for music, then there is no need to get the jargon of words mess up the frolic of the moment. Simply use the codes for Facebook Symbols and get your expression conveyed.

    Alt + 13 ♪ and Alt + 14 ♫ have their symbols respectively. You refer to music, then instead of writing in words, type in the symbol or if you’re ‘singing a song’ in words/text, these symbols can be used as well. However, the typing of code entails a step by step process. Press and hold the Alt button while you enter the codes for the symbol of music. When typing the numbers, make sure that you use the numbers on the right side of the keyboard and not the buttons on the top.

    Codes are an accurate way of getting the symbols right. They have no other alternatives and therefore you have to follow the procedure to get the process right. When you are on the Facebook social networking site, you have the option of using Facebook emoticons, Facebook smileys and Facebook Symbols! The chat process allows you to use the codes to enhance your scope of using more symbols than you are being offered.

    Heart & Rose Facebook Emoticon

    Heart and Rose

    When you are in trouble what is the only thing better to give a girl than a rose? The answer is obvious: Your heart as well. This Heart and Rose Facebook Chat Emoticon is the perfect thing to send to your significant other over Facebook Messenger when you are in trouble or just trying to score some extra brownie points to use for later. Go ahead show your love and affection for her, just click on the button to the left and send this emoticon to her. You will not regret it.

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    Miss You Facebook Message Emoticon

    I Miss You

    Don’t you hate it when your loved one is gone away on a trip without you? One way you can show your affection for them is sending the Miss You Facebook Chat Emoticon. This emoticon is better than just typing out the letters. It shows the other person that you really do miss them by ending such a cute message to them. This message also contains a little heart on the side so it is like a little personalization, which always goes a long way. Even if they are at work, and work has been very long and bad, they will appreciate getting this message and make them feel special inside.

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