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  • Ready to Eat Facebook Emoticon

    Ready to Eat

    This Facebook Emoticon is hilarious. It really describes how many people feel when they are hungry and ready to eat. If you ever catch yourself on Facebook Chat Messenger and look for a better way of saying: “Time to go get some food”, then send your friends over this Ready To Eat Facebook Chat Emoticon. This emoticon has it all: a bib, fork, knife, and even a great smile to show that you are ready to devour some food now.

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    Tongue Stick Out Facebook Chat Emoticon

    Tongue Stick Out

    One of the most common emoticons that people use is sticking your tongue out at the person you are chatting with. There are many of these types of emoticons on the Internet, but this Facebook Emoticon here is really different. Not only is this emoticon sticking its tongue out, but also putting its hands on its head. It really emphasizes how much you want to mock the person you are talking to, or just being playful. So use this Tongue Sticking Out Facebook Chat Emotion when you are talking with your friends and really want to get your point across in a very cute and playful way.

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    Pirate Facebook Chat Emoticon


    Who doesn’t enjoy pirates? Jonny Depp made them popular again with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Why wouldn’t people want to be a pirate? They get to sail the open seas, search for treasure, and much more. It really equates to a life of freedom. We want you all to share in the pirate’s life with the new Pirate Facebook Chat Emoticon. Send this emoticon out to your friends and family and tell them that “it’s a pirate’s life for me”. Either way enjoy using this Pirate Emoticon while you chat with your friends, and enjoy the responses that you will get back.

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    Battered Hulk Sticker

    Battered Hulk

    Do you feel beat down? Want to express how life is seemly beating you up lately? Then there is no sticker that more aptly expresses that emotion than our Battered Hulk Facebook Sticker. This Sticker is what the Hulk looks like after that massive fight in Manhattan during the Avengers. Showing this sticker to your friends will express how tired you are. Especially if you are burden down with tons of homework, or a massive project at work. Use this Hulk Sticker and the other person you are chatting with will understand immediately how you feel.

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