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  • Spread Holiday Cheer with Facebook Emoticons

    Spreading the holiday cheer has never been easier with facebook. Now, with Facebook emoticons it has become much more lively and expressive. The emoticon databases of facebook are abundant for each and every holiday season. They are tailored and designed such that they bring about the exact and corresponding message and greeting for that particular holiday season be it Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, fourth of July, and many more like the season of the year like summer, spring, autumn, and winter.

    Many people find that using emoticons is much easier as it conveys the message or greeting of the particular holiday season more effectively and with so much enthusiasm. The holiday emoticons for Facebook are easy to use and they would definitely add smile to the conversations that you have with your friends and relatives. Using Facebook chat emoticons during the holiday season will ensure that your conversation does not run stale or gets boring. Instead of using long sentences to express how you really feel, you are better off using these simple emoticons to just how clearly and explicitly the way you feel about them and also exchange greetings during the holiday season.

    Spreading holiday cheer with Facebook emoticons have shown to have been effective. Choose from a multiple facebook emoticons that represent the holiday season more perfectly than even. For Halloween season, you can choose from different emoticons like pumpkin, scary emoticons and ghosts, and many more. The Christmas based facebook emoticons include Santa Claus, Christmas tree, elves and many more. For the Fourth of July theme, there are lot of themes like the flag of USA and many more. As these emoticons can succinctly give out the message you portray to your friends and relatives a mile away, you don’t have to type long sentences to reveal your feelings.

    FB Emoticons – Speak the Same Language with Emoticons

    We live in a world of so many different people and cultures. We speak different languages, and we eat different foods as well. Our cultures can be very different. I mean you do find varieties of people in the world, but still we all are called humans. We all have hearts. We all think, we all love, we all cry, and we all make relationships. Sometimes we make relationships with the people who do not our language. But still, there is a way through which we can speak the same language and that is through Facebook emoticons. Every person in the world has similar emotions. Everyone feels similar sentiments and try to express them to their loved ones. With Facebook chat emoticons you can have time to actually speak the same “language” and get your feelings across without the use of words.

    Facebook has given those sentiments and emotions a language of emoticons which we all understand and can use while talking to each other. While chatting in an unknown language is never an easy task, but Facebook emoticons have made it possible with their use of signs and symbols. A tiny little laughing icon can say bigger than what you would say with the words. Facebook emoticons make it language of all which everybody knows and can use. Everyone now can speak the same language by using Facebook emoticons. Talking to each other was never as easy and comfortable before than what it is now with Facebook emoticons.

    FB Emoticons: Pacman, Kiki & Confused

    The new age Facebook emoticons have added a lot of expressions to the list of emotions. Rising over the simple and easy-to-design basic Facebook smileys like smile, anger and love – the new age facebook emoticons help to express a lot in a much more complicated way. Do you feel claustrophobic among the race of showing trendiness but don’t know the way out? What about a retro style? Try pacman to lift yourself high above the ordinariness to be extraordinaries. The smart video game of the 80’s, pacman will help you flaunt your retro dude style.

    Free Facebook Emoticons - FREE DOWNLOAD - Click here to download them now!

    You have used the trademark smile in your chats to express contentment, but what if you have to express a smile and delectation that you want to inject into others? Use kiki. This cute smiley will teach you how to laugh and smile with your eyes.

    Then there is the woot or the confused emoticon. One of the most complicated facebook emoticons, confused will be perfect for you if you just heard about something quite unbelievable and flabbergasting. Put pacman by typing :v, kiki by ^_^ and confused by O.o.

    FB Symbols: Heart | Facebook Heart Symbol

    Facebook symbols are fun to use!! Alt + 3 is code that signifies ♥, which means heart. Heart means you are trying to express your soft corner for someone or your love for that special person. It can also be the special man or woman whom you are trying to refer with the heart symbol. While chat-talking, just press the code and hit the ‘enter’ button. The symbol will automatically appear.

    The alt button is on the left side of the keyboard; Hold it while pressing the code. Make sure you use the numbers that lie on the right side of the alphabet. In any case, if you use the numbers on the top of the keyboard, then the code will not work for you.

    If you’re not in the mood to use Facebook emoticons, do not worry. The codes are there to resolve your problem of expressing more. The more you want to express, the more you use codes and there is no loophole when you are with codes. You get the symbol exactly conveyed to the other side.

    Surprised Purple Alien Facebook Emoticon


    Everyone loves surprises, especially when they are a good surprise, not a doctor called with worse kind of new surprise. That is why if someone is chatting with you on Facebook and they say something surprising make sure to send them this Surprised Purple Alien Chat Emoticon. The expression on this emoticon’s face really says it all. I love how big the eye is alongside its opened mouth. Your friends will really appreciate it as well

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Facebook Snoring Purple Alien Emoticon


    Everyone, whether they want to admit it or not, snores, and apparently so do Facebook Emoticons. Check out this Snoring Purple Alien Chat Emoticon, it is the perfect smiley to send if you are just tired of reading boring comments by your friend online. Sending this to them will make your friend get the hint to either spice up the conversion or leave you alone.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Teethy Grin Purple Alien Emoticon

    Teethy Grin

    Has a friend said something to you on Facebook Chat that you think is awesome or even very funny? Rather than sending the common big smile with teeth emoticon, send them over this unique Teethy Grin Purple Alien Chat Emoticon. This Emoticon really embodies the feeling of laugher and happiness all in a silly one eyed purple package. Go ahead send a different emoticon than you normally would send, makes sure to send this Purple Alien to your friends.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Unimpressed Purple Alien Facebook Emoticon


    Do you have someone that is trying to impress you, but inflating their own ego. If that is the case make sure to send them this Unimpressed Purple Alien Emoticon. They will get the hint real quick that what they are talking to you about on Facebook Messenger is not that important and they will need to change the way they are talking to you quick, before you log off.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Upset Purple Alien Facebook Chat Emoticon


    Has someone said something to you on Facebook Messenger and it has made you upset. Make sure to send them this Upset Purple Alien Facebook Emoticon. This emoticon really embodies how you feel when you are upset at someone for a comment they have just made, and it will help you relieve some of the emotions you are having when you send it. Hopefully they will make amends soon.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    FB Symbols – Laptop Instructions

    The laptop has a little change of process that has to be followed to get the codes for Facebook symbols right. Just like the desktop, you have to press the Alt button and while holding it down press the Fn button too. When these two buttons are under your finger pressure enters the codes. When you press the ‘enter’ button, you get the symbols right.

    There is a slight difference between the desktop and laptop and you have follow the tips to get the codes right. Codes allow you to have access to a number of emotions or expression that you can express without having to follow the complexity of words.

    When Facebook emoticons and smileys fall short, learn the codes so that you are exposed to a sea of Facebook symbols allowing you simplify your chat conversation. Using FB symbols will also spice up the chat conversation and calls for special interest. It is a pictorial representation of feelings when words fail to convey. The process is specific without loopholes.

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