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  • I Love You Facebook Emoticon

    I Love You

    I Love You Facebook Chat Emoticon is the best emoticon to use when you want to express your feelings towards your significant other. This larger than life emoticon will show them that you really do care and love them and it’s a better way of saying it to, instead of the same way you normally might say it. Getting this emoticon in your Facebook Messenger window will brighten anyone’s day and they will love to receive it and will most likely send it back to you as well.

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    A Cool Facebook Emoticons Video

    Wanna see the emoticons for Facebook in action? There’s a video below that will tell you just how exciting these characters can be. Get a glimpse at some of the Facebook chat emoticons you can use online. If you need some help on getting the right ones to pop up we can help you with that too. There are a number of easy codes you can use to create the smileys and emoticons of your choice.

    Chatting with Facebook emoticons is way better than chatting without. Show your personality or the mood you’re in with the little yellow faces. Not every single emoticons is yellow like a smiley though. Discover the rare emoticons that don’t necessarily “smile”. Social networking just got better!

    Bored Alien Facebook Chat Emoticon


    I hate being bored. It is one of the worst feelings in the world. If you are like me, you might have a ton of stuff to do, but you just can’t get interested in doing it. You might spend your bored time looking at friends Facebook Timelines or even talking to them via Facebook Chat Messenger. If there is one emoticon that can describe being bored, but give it an extra pizazz it is definitely this Bored Alien Facebook Chat Emoticon. It really shows how uninterested it is in life, and will really help convey that message across to the person you might be chatting with at that time. Hopefully you can find someone you really want to talk with on Messenger soon, to take those boring blues away.

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    Facebook Lucky Horseshoe Chat Emoticon

    Lucky Horseshoe

    For many years people have thought of the horseshoe as a sign of good luck. People hang it over their door posts and many other places. That is why at Facebook Emoticons we give you the Lucky Horseshoe Chat Emoticon. Not only does this horseshoe lucky, but you get the additional luck of having it bundled with a four leaf clover! Hopefully when you send this chat emoticon to your friends they will send it right back so you will both have good luck in your future.

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    Facebook Emoticons | Free Smiley Shortcuts

    You can enjoy end number of emotions and feelings across the medium of web by the means of Facebook Chat Emoticons. Now you have the opportunity to make the chat sessions with your friends interesting with these incredible emoticons, that too without spending a penny from your pocket. There are nothing like free lunches in this world, but with Facebook Emoticons it is truly possible. You are able to access these smiley shortcuts completely free of cost. If you really like chatting with someone and you want to make your conversation interesting, then Facebook Chat Emoticons is your ultimate choice. Enchant your conversation and make your friends involved when they talk to you. Increase their eagerness to talk to you on Facebook by making it exciting and fun-filled.

    Use Facebook Chat Emoticons as much as you want because it is completely free. Just download the software and enjoy unlimited emotions and engrossed feelings associated with it. If you are unable to explain yourself through words, then take the help of these emoticons to express your state of mind. Facebook Emoticons bring a glow to your face and the faces of your beloved on the other side of the screen. There are more reasons for you to be happy, as these implausible Facebook Emoticons are attainable at no price at all.

    Facebook Diploma Chat Emoticon


    This is your final year in school, wither it be college or high school. They proudly show off your accomplishment with this Diploma in hand Chat Emoticon. This Facebook Chat Emoticon will show the world that you are about to graduate (or already have) and that you are ready to move on with the next stage of your life. This is something that everyone will be happy to see and be extremely proud of you for accomplishing. Just be glad that this emotion doesn’t require you to make a big speech after you send it.

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    Not Impressed Facebook Emoticon

    Not Impressed

    While talking on Facebook Chat has anyone sent you a message that was pure garbage or something they said was completely disagreeable to you. Then send them this Not Impressed Facebook Chat Emoticon. This emoticon really explains everything in its face. You will express dissatisfaction, annoyed, and “go away” all in one simple emoticon without having to type up a reply to show them how you are feeling. If one of your friends starts to annoy you with their remarks, send over this Facebook Emoticon and they will get the picture really clear.

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    Facebook Emoticons | Surprise Your Chat Buddies using FB Emoticons

    Stick your tongue out and reject the boring ideas your friends are trying to convince you with. You’ve got the tongue icon among many other Facebook chat emoticons to speak for yourself. Why take the pain to jutting out you tongue, the cute buddies are good enough to drive home your specific message of repulse. You can deprive fun out of making faces at each other only when you get to see the image. This is exactly what your Facebook emoticons are for. The well designed and easy to make Facebook chat emoticons comprise all the basic facial reactions we are capable of making from time to time. They can be created directly through predetermined codes and symbolic sequences, like “:”, “:” and many more. You can simply send a greeting tagged with a smile icon and get the same open warm greetings in return.

    Free Facebook Emoticons - FREE DOWNLOAD - Click here to download them now!

    Learn about all the advanced Facebook emoticons like the shark, the pacman and the robot. After all, it’s your turn to find out exciting ways to addressing your friends and surprising them time and again with your online antics. Facebook chat emoticons are gaining popularity not only because they are capable of saying more than words, but also because they tend to be perfect imitators of live expressions.

    Facebook Smileys: Curly Lips & Kiki | Kitty Smileys

    The world’s most popular social networking site is really genius to have designed Kiki & Curly Lips in its amazing list of Facebook smileys! The catchy Facebook emoticons have found their ideas even in cats’ smiles. The happy eyes or the kiki (^_^) is one of the best Facebook smileys, that opens up the heart of the perfectly happy person. If you stumbled on “perfect”, you can surely wish that for your loved ones. You can also send the curly lips (:3) to someone whom you would like to cuddle like cats.

    If you find kiki over used, there are still some sweetest of Facebook smileys to help you. Curly lips is one of the Facebook emoticons that can show how infinitely happy you are. Curly lips is one of the facebook smileys that is also used in more than one ways. You can send this also to your beloved to convey how deeply you want her to cuddle up with, much like the cats. Enrich your collection of the coolest of facebook emoticons by inserting curly lips through :3.

    Confide in the wonderful Facebook emoticons to spread happiness with a smile.<

    Facebook Emoticons – Angel & Devil | FB Angel Emoticon

    Facebook emoticons can do wonders! They can make the good and the evil meet face to face without any obvious war. Where the angel is the sweetest and most innocent of all Facebook smileys, the devil, on contrary is the most vicious of all. The two Facebook emoticons are used in completely different situations, but there are also cases when you can insert both of them in a single chat.

    You can impress and propose someone in a different way by inserting the devil in your chat. If you get a nod, send the angel to show the innocent and refined side of you. But the outcome may be different and you don’t get a positive reply. Then also you can send the angel as your messenger of peace and divine love. And this time you are bound to get a green signal. If you are not into the love business, and just want to let someone know how much you are paranoid with them, then also the devil will come to your help. The two multipurpose Facebook smileys make the perfect combination for harmony. Insert the angel by o:) and the devil by 3:).

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