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  • Facebook Diploma Chat Emoticon


    This is your final year in school, wither it be college or high school. They proudly show off your accomplishment with this Diploma in hand Chat Emoticon. This Facebook Chat Emoticon will show the world that you are about to graduate (or already have) and that you are ready to move on with the next stage of your life. This is something that everyone will be happy to see and be extremely proud of you for accomplishing. Just be glad that this emotion doesn’t require you to make a big speech after you send it.

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    Not Impressed Facebook Emoticon

    Not Impressed

    While talking on Facebook Chat has anyone sent you a message that was pure garbage or something they said was completely disagreeable to you. Then send them this Not Impressed Facebook Chat Emoticon. This emoticon really explains everything in its face. You will express dissatisfaction, annoyed, and “go away” all in one simple emoticon without having to type up a reply to show them how you are feeling. If one of your friends starts to annoy you with their remarks, send over this Facebook Emoticon and they will get the picture really clear.

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    Facebook Emoticons | Surprise Your Chat Buddies using FB Emoticons

    Stick your tongue out and reject the boring ideas your friends are trying to convince you with. You’ve got the tongue icon among many other Facebook chat emoticons to speak for yourself. Why take the pain to jutting out you tongue, the cute buddies are good enough to drive home your specific message of repulse. You can deprive fun out of making faces at each other only when you get to see the image. This is exactly what your Facebook emoticons are for. The well designed and easy to make Facebook chat emoticons comprise all the basic facial reactions we are capable of making from time to time. They can be created directly through predetermined codes and symbolic sequences, like “:”, “:” and many more. You can simply send a greeting tagged with a smile icon and get the same open warm greetings in return.

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    Learn about all the advanced Facebook emoticons like the shark, the pacman and the robot. After all, it’s your turn to find out exciting ways to addressing your friends and surprising them time and again with your online antics. Facebook chat emoticons are gaining popularity not only because they are capable of saying more than words, but also because they tend to be perfect imitators of live expressions.

    Facebook Smileys: Curly Lips & Kiki | Kitty Smileys

    The world’s most popular social networking site is really genius to have designed Kiki & Curly Lips in its amazing list of Facebook smileys! The catchy Facebook emoticons have found their ideas even in cats’ smiles. The happy eyes or the kiki (^_^) is one of the best Facebook smileys, that opens up the heart of the perfectly happy person. If you stumbled on “perfect”, you can surely wish that for your loved ones. You can also send the curly lips (:3) to someone whom you would like to cuddle like cats.

    If you find kiki over used, there are still some sweetest of Facebook smileys to help you. Curly lips is one of the Facebook emoticons that can show how infinitely happy you are. Curly lips is one of the facebook smileys that is also used in more than one ways. You can send this also to your beloved to convey how deeply you want her to cuddle up with, much like the cats. Enrich your collection of the coolest of facebook emoticons by inserting curly lips through :3.

    Confide in the wonderful Facebook emoticons to spread happiness with a smile.<

    Facebook Emoticons – Angel & Devil | FB Angel Emoticon

    Facebook emoticons can do wonders! They can make the good and the evil meet face to face without any obvious war. Where the angel is the sweetest and most innocent of all Facebook smileys, the devil, on contrary is the most vicious of all. The two Facebook emoticons are used in completely different situations, but there are also cases when you can insert both of them in a single chat.

    You can impress and propose someone in a different way by inserting the devil in your chat. If you get a nod, send the angel to show the innocent and refined side of you. But the outcome may be different and you don’t get a positive reply. Then also you can send the angel as your messenger of peace and divine love. And this time you are bound to get a green signal. If you are not into the love business, and just want to let someone know how much you are paranoid with them, then also the devil will come to your help. The two multipurpose Facebook smileys make the perfect combination for harmony. Insert the angel by o:) and the devil by 3:).

    Christmas Chatting

    Bring about some Christmas cheer even in your social media with the help of Christmas theme based emoticons. For the Christmas season, Facebook emoticons have upgraded and lot of emoticons to add to its already abundant database of Christmas theme based emoticons. These Christmas theme based emoticons will get across your message or greeting much more effectively than just using long text and superfluous messages. Moreover, these Facebook emoticons are fun to use and bring about the Christmas spirit in a jiffy as they are colorful, animate and creative.

    The various Christmas theme based emoticons for Facebook include many elements that revolve around the Christmas season. These include Christmas tree, snow, Santa Claus, Santa’s sleigh, rein deer, angels, gifts, mistletoes, candies, chocolates, stockings, snowman, lights, elves and many more. These emoticons are designed and animated to bring about cheer to all the people you chat with. For people who do not know how to express themselves eloquently find that these emoticons are a welcome change and can be used easily to clearly state the thoughts in their minds.

    Stir the emotion of Christmas spirit much more effectively with the help of these Christmas based emoticons. When you fall in short of words to get your greeting across to your loved ones who are living miles away, these emoticons come as a life saver and quickly would deliver and state your mind and views where words can’t. If you find a conversation running stale, you can always be rest assured that the usage of emoticons would bring about much cheer and joy to the conversations and would lighten and brighten up the day. Chatting at Christmas time with the help of these Christmas based emoticons makes sure that the spirit of Christmas still lives on even in Facebook conversations.

    Facebook Emoticons: Prove Your Love Through Chat

    Say it once and you might have to keep saying it for the rest of your lifetime. And if this is the logic working behind proclaimed your love for some one-so be it, the diligent Facebook emoticons will never complain. Greet him or her in the morning with a simple smile and receive the magnificent grin from the other end. Just place your hand on your heart-you can count the fluttering beat! Thinking about a boring file to check and complete it before your annoying superior bugs in again, a little beating heart popping up suddenly will help you cheer up altogether. Maybe it was you who initiated the art of using Facebook chat emoticons, but when you get heart warming responses in return you can hardly stop smiling.

    The Facebook world is one such portal that silently gets your loved ones near to you, with such a stand that you will actually start feeling warm and comfortable once again. The Facebook emoticons are nothing but short key combinations that can be inserted with a second. You will actually be able to call your little apple of the eye “a sweet angel” by simply making a yellow face with a halo smile at her through the chat message box. The Facebook chat emoticons are perfect chat mates for all account holders.

    Sleeping Purple Alien Chat Emoticon


    Have you been up on Facebook Messenger really late and are now starting to feel the effects of sleep coming on. Even if you are deep in conversation it I just hard to keep your eyes open any longer. One good way to stop a Facebook Chat is to send over the Sleeping Purple Alien Chat Emoticon. When someone receives this in their chat window they will know one of two things is going on. Either that they are being really boring or that you are tired. Just make sure to let them know which one it before you sign off.

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    Irritated Purple Alien Facebook Emoticon


    Don’t you hate those days when no matter what someone says it really irritates you? It seems like everything that comes from that person’s mouth (or message window) is aimed to annoy you beyond belief. Well if that is the case than make sure to send that person the Irritated Purple Alien Facebook Chat Emoticon. This purple alien will make sure the other person knows that what you are saying is beyond annoying, and really to leave you alone.

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    Facebook Outlaw Chat Emoticon


    When you think of the “Old West” many people thing of Cowboys and Outlaws. This Facebook Emoticon really takes that Old West theme and gives you a nice Outlaw Facebook Chat Emoticon to use while you are talking with your friends. This is a great emoticon to use and tell them to “Stick ‘em Up” and hopefully tell you whatever secret they might be keeping from you.

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