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    Emoticon is a graphic symbol to simplify expression. While chatting it is sometimes difficult to express feelings in words, especially if you want to state sarcasm. A Facebook Emoticon, in this regard, speaks it all, and helps you to eliminate the unnecessary words and simply express the feeling through the symbol. It has proved to be a convenient way of getting your point across your chat friends when text fails to convey so.

    The different networking sites have their customized forums where they have a set of Emoticon symbols. Facebook is now the most popular site, which allows the user to gain control over the different types of Emoticons and turn their conversation into a more straightforward one.

    The most common Facebook emoticons are happiness, anger, disappointment, love and frustration. However, Facebook allows you a repertoire of Facebook emoticons, which can be used as you feel the demand or necessity.

    Therefore the special programs used by Facebook allow you to insert the beautiful Emoticons, some of which were the stories of the 1980s, but now it is advancing with raging popularity.

    Ready to Eat Facebook Emoticon

    Ready to Eat

    This Facebook Emoticon is hilarious. It really describes how many people feel when they are hungry and ready to eat. If you ever catch yourself on Facebook Chat Messenger and look for a better way of saying: “Time to go get some food”, then send your friends over this Ready To Eat Facebook Chat Emoticon. This emoticon has it all: a bib, fork, knife, and even a great smile to show that you are ready to devour some food now.

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    Facebook Emoticons: Wipe Your Troubles Away with the Kiss Emoticon

    Facebook chat emoticons can help you remove those furrows off your temple right at this moment. If you have been worrying about your little sister and her stringent ways, and to add on to all these you had a pathetic fight with her then call on the Facebook emoticons to help you out. These little yellow faces can create wonders over the virtual world, much to the users’ awe. You just had a tough day at office and staying miles away from your family in this lonely hotel suite is making things far more miserable. Just send a few Facebook chat emoticons to your online kids or your soul mate to help yourself cheer up in the process. The kiss might do the magic in right proportions at these lonely hours.

    You can even bid friends and special people in your life the last goodnight of the day with the help of the kiss emoticon. This is quite beneficial, simply because all those smiles and grins coming from the other end will make you feel better, wanted and adored once again. It is better to share a one than to ask for it or even silently expect that someone will come and drop a kiss in your chat message box. Facebook emoticons help you a come out of those gloomy phases only when you learn the little shortcuts pretty well.

    Show Me The Money Facebook Emoticon

    Show Me The Money

    Have you ever had someone owe you money, but they never seem to pay it back? Well if your are chatting with this friend on Facebook send them this Show Me The Money Emoticon. This emoticon is a nice and friendly reminder to the person you are chatting with that they owe you some money, and you would like to have it back promptly. Another good use of this emoticon is if you are begging your friends for a few extra dollars to get by. The genuine smile of this emoticon might warm their hearts and let you borrow a few dollars.

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    Give Roses Facebook Chat Emoticon

    Give Rose

    What is the one gift that you can give almost any woman that will melt her heart? The obvious answer is flowers! This Give Rose Facebook Chat Messenger Emoticon is a cute emoticon giving a bouquet of flowers to their significant other or crush. Use this emoticon if you have recently gotten in trouble or just want to gain some extra brownie points. The only thing that you could do that is better than sending an emoticon that has flowers is actually buying the real thing. Either way enjoy using this emoticon and the person on the other end of your Facebook Chats will enjoy receiving it in their chat box.

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    Be Cool with Facebook Smileys

    Facebook is most successful of all social networks in attracting the cool and the chic; so are the smart and cool Facebook smileys. The netizens are addicted to the new generation Facebook smileys and use them frequently to take the place of lengthy, boring, wordy chats. The sunglasses (8-| 8| B-| B|) is the signature smiley of the cool and hep, it is the ultimate style statement if you are a regular to the Facebook world.

    If you love to show your attitude through stylish sunglasses, why not take it to the web world with smart Facebook emoticons? Sunglasses is one of the most favorite Facebook emoticons that has created a real craze among the cool dudes. The new set of most trendy facebook smileys lets you pick your designer pairs and put them inside your chats. Who could have imagined that simple chat messages could be stylized like this before Facebook smileys showed the way? Insert your stylish pairs by just typing any of 8-| 8| B-| B|.

    Facebook Emoticon: Angel | Facebook Angel Emoticon

    While there is the devil, there is also the angel – the prettiest of all Facebook emoticons. The sweetest and purest of all Facebook smileys, the angel is the symbol of everything good and divine. The angel will come of your help in many ways. First of all, you can make her your guardian angel to warn others of the “divine wrath” they would welcome if they mess with you. Jokes apart, the angel is the most beautiful of all Facebook emoticons to send with some special messages, of course some good ones. She can convey your love to your sweetheart in the most impeccable way. Just think if you had sent the devil to woo and impress someone, then the angel will just counterbalance the “vicious” act with her divine intervention. Moreover, you can send the most sublime of all Facebook smileys to your ailing friend or relative to wish them a speedy recovery bequeathed by the celestial angel. Get yourself surrounded by the divine blessings and beauty of goodness through the charming angel. Land her onto your chat message by o:).

    Fall In Love with Emoticons

    With Facebook you can use Facebook emoticons to express how you really feel thought the chat box. These Facebook emoticons can be used in the chat conversations. You can use these emoticons by writing it’s shortcut into the chat box. Since Facebook is most popular social network in the world, it has a bunch of emoticons for its users to express their emotions through texts in while they are chatting with their friends and relatives. The emoticons come in different types of facial expressions like a smile, cry, sorrow, and kiss or even to express love. Once you get the hang of using these Facebook emoticons, you will be able to express yourself more fluently and clearly.

    These Facebook emoticons which are available in plenty will be very useful to clearly express your thoughts and views in a simplified form. Some of the Facebook chat emoticons are not necessarily just facial expression, but they would reflect some profound meaning of your feeling that cannot expressed clearly sometimes. Let say for example, you want to show one specific friend your wrath and your anger or frustration against them, you can simply sue the devil Facebook smiley to get the message across in a simple yet really effective way.

    Once you get the hang of using these smileys, you are going to use these smileys very fluently and effectively. These smileys will help to enhance your conversations with your friends in the most innovative way. It is fun to use these Facebook emoticons as they are easy to use, simple and really effective in getting the message across. A smile after each sentence will just add to your friend’s happiness and will make sure that the conversation does not remain stale, even a saying sorry with a smiley will deeply multiply the feeling across the chat.

    FB Smileys: Grin & Tongue | Classic FB Smileys


    You just can’t help putting grin, the most pleasing of all Facebook emoticons if you want to make your recipient share your hearty smile. A big smile is the music of heart and no one can play this tune as grin does. Grin is the most universally used Facebook emoticons to spread happiness of the sender to the recipient. You can make anyone happy by using facebook smileys like smile and grin at any time. The shiniest of all Facebook smileys brightens all hearts with the simple shortcuts, :-D :D =D.


    There is no smarter way to pull legs as you can do with the Facebook emoticons. As soon as its arrival, tongue has become one of the most popular facebook smileys. If you regret not being able to stick your tongue out to someone openly, now is the time. Facebook emoticons like tongue and wink are the flip sides of the mischief coin. Stop being a goody girl or a goody boy, wear your saucy attitude up your sleeves and send the craziest of Facebook smileys to someone you wish to irritate. Just type :-P:P:-p:p=P and get it done.

    Facebook Bell Ringing Chat Emoticon

    Bell Ringing

    One thing about the holidays is at every store that you go to you will find someone ringing a bell. Some people get very annoyed by this bell ringing, but your friends will not hate seeing the Bell Ringing Facebook Chat Emoticon in their Facebook Messenger window. This emoticon helps spread holiday cheer to all those around. So go ahead and send this cute emoticon to your friends. The will love it!

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