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    Your Facebook emoticons are easy to create once you pay a little more attention to the symbols least touched on your keyboard. What your boring letters often fail to convey, your intelligent little yet powerful symbols do in seconds. The symbols working in perfect harmony and when inserted in specific sequences they form exclusive Facebook chat emoticons. You can get to express yourself in myriad ways without having to look for exact words to describe your basic reactions. You are put a grin and convey your excitement when someone special wishes you on your achievements, you can cry out and loud even with the help of the cry icon. Mental states like unsure and confusion can also deal with particular icons from the 25 different Facebook emoticons. These are developed to help the users recall their symbolic codes in seconds without having to look up for them each time while conversing on Facebook. Simple brackets, numeric and a few letters help you to create and design these Facebook chat emoticons. All new bees should make it a point to learn up these little help tools to make their chat sessions heart warming and humane enough to create their individual virtual image.

    Facebook Emoticons – Unsure, Cry and Confused

    Facebook emoticons are here to guide you with all of your emotional outbursts over the FB chat boxes. Planning to make use of your well-purposed tear glands and letting the others feel the emotion in their heart, insert the cry icon and get the chat corner drenched! Facebook chat emoticons give you a reason to create your individuality even on the virtual space. Just in case you find it too hard to understand what the other FB chat addict is trying to convey, insert the “iconic” confused smiley among the major Facebook chat emoticons. This will help them to make their discussions effortless and you are saved from typing out your confusion!

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    For all those unsure moments like that of deciding whether to go to the movies on Saturday or Sunday? Where to shop in the weekdays or on the weekends? Or whether to plan a picnic for this weekend as opposed to the end of the month? You got your answer ready and stored within the supreme of all Facebook emoticons using the unsure yellow smiley. Once given the chance, all addicts of the FB world, put up an array of the cute and cuddling smileys in their chat dialogue boxes. The whole thing saves you a lot of time, when you are aware of the unique shortcuts for each of the emoticons.

    Facebook Emoticons: Make Curly Lips & Squinty Eyes Using Facebook Emoticons

    Common place reactions often make your Facebook conversation drab and boring. Now you have the Facebook emoticons to wipe the dullness away! Facebook emoticons guarantee a total spirited conversation to take place in the FB chat boxes, provided you know the perfect way to put the keys together. These are indeed a record-breaking variation to long expressions and sentences you would otherwise sit and punch furiously. Maybe you just received news that your cousins will not be able to make it this Christmas. Grab a mirror and in seconds you will see a saddened face making curly lips. You actually don’t need a webcam for your cousin to see your facial expression. Facebook chat emoticons are designed in such away, that the user can recall the smiley codes in seconds and convey their feeling within moment’s time.

    Sometimes you’ve got to squint your eyes to make your chat buddy check their language or to tell them to clarify their points right at that moment. Stop all that yelling through your words, when Facebook emoticons like the squinty eyes or KiKi are enough to drive the message home! Once you are well-versed with all the smileys take some time to teach others to, for Facebook smileys are the best way to shorten up your long messages!

    Facebook Emoticons: Shark and Penguin Emoticons

    You don’t need to speak about movies like the “deep blue sea” or refer to all the parts of “Jaws” that have been released till date. Neither do you have to threaten those unwanted pestering Facebook friends of yours about the sharks prowling off the coast. Now with Facebook emoticons, you can directly import the sea predators into their chat boxes. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?! You don’t have to move a limb and your work of sending chills down the offenders’ spine are done by the fierce shark icon. Facebook chat emoticons are targeted at providing the icon users all the possible tools to simplify their chatting options. It saves you a lot of time, which again indicates that you are free to talk as much as you can.

    Among the other Facebook chat emoticons, you will come across a cute little penguin. Wondering about how to make use of this one? Talk about going on a trip to colder places and let your penguin icon take care of all the suggestions. If your friends want to visit hotter areas your penguin will tell him exactly what you are referring to. Facebook emoticons create better conversational possibilities for those who love their chat boxes.

    Facebook Emoticons: Glasses, Halos and Teeth

    Facebook emoticons bring out the alter ego living hidden in each one of us. Thus if you are not the kind of idealist or preacher, you can start giving speeches to whoever you feel like; just remember to wear your glasses icon from among the Facebook chat emoticons. Stolen cookies from your neighbor’s kitchen and now your nextdoor bully is getting ready to push you before the firing squad. Send an angel and claim your innocence. All bright excuses and great ideas are born once you know the perfect shortcuts for all existing Facebook chat emoticons.

    Let those set of teeth see the light of the day. You need to say this line to your sulking friend, spare your words out there, for the grin and the smiley Facebook emoticons can actually make him burst into laughter. Just keep the copy and paste option functioning in your chat dialog box. Facebook chat emoticons come with two kinds of glasses. If you are just chilling out, wear the sunglasses in public or in your chat sessions. On the contrary, if you want to play the wise and studious boy on the block, wear your black rimmed spectacles. Your Facebook smileys are ready to carry your message all about!

    Facebook Emoticons | Facebook Emoticons are Easy to Use

    When you hear someone say, “Oh my gosh that’s so easy!” in your head you realize that nothing is easy from the start. Hold on to this phrase for you are about to become familiar with the exciting Facebook emoticons that frequent all the chat boxes. Your close friends will tell you how easy it is to insert them in your messages. Spend an hour with a friend and try out the entire list of shortcuts for Facebook emoticons one at a time. Thus next time when you want to say something special, you know what to type right after it.

    These Facebook chat emoticons help you to create short and crisp messages. They also allow you to display your unique entity to all your virtual FB friends. So next time you want to show your liking for the retro style, insert the Putnam or the Pacman icon. Love and tears will find their way when you start to get emotional. Kiki and devil set up on their own for they are specially designed emoticons for facebook. Kiki gets you the squinty eyes look and the devil needs no introduction. Play the Satan in the FB world and the devil icon with horns sticking out of his head will carry out your orders.

    Facebook Emoticons: Angelic Emoticons

    A perfect tool for those who find themselves getting into trouble quite often is to use the angel emoticon next time your Facebook bullies catch you by the ear, claim your innocence by inserting the symbols in the right sequence, “O” “:” “)”. There you go proclaiming to the world about how clean is your soul and how taintless is your mind. The angel is unique among all the existing Facebook emoticons you will come across. When all the other Facebook emoticons start of with punctuation marks and numerical digits to be precise, the angelic emoticon begins with an “O”. There you go, forming the perfect o with your lips, but interesting the O creates a halo across your crown.

    So conceptually it’s the receivers turn to roll their lips in awe! Facebook emoticons create new avenues for chat addicts to concise their discussions and spend more time with their chat friends. All your late night crimes get forgiven once you send your angry mate the yellow smiley with a shiny halo on its head. These are cute and trendy ways to pepper up your chat sessions. Learn all the shortcuts for Facebook emoticons right away and brighten up all discussions.

    Facebook Emoticons | Use Shortcut Codes for Facebook Emoticons

    It’s hard to keep up with the speedy typist on the other end of the monitor. She knows how to complete all the sentences so fast and knows all of the Facebook emoticons by heart. You, on the other hand, are finding it hard to finish your sentence, and then there is the hard task of finding the right kind of Facebook chat emoticons to couple the words with. The most judicious task would to learn up all the shortcut codes at one go. Facebook smileys were designed to help you finish up your dialogues faster and in a crisp manner.

    Among all the Facebook emoticons, you will first get acquainted with the basic emoticons like smile, grin, frown, curly lip, and the tongue. These are smileys that help you to display the most frequent emotions. Apart from these you can make use of special Facebook chat emoticons to create unique virtual identities. You can display your liking and preference for soft yet intelligent people with the help of the penguin; you can go futuristic with the robot icon. The FB world sets apart new ways of expressing your thoughts, for these people think more about saving time and helping you out to turn smarter in a way!

    The Many Expressions of Facebook Emoticons

    Expressions are exclusive and differ along with specific human moods. As an active Facebook conformist, you need to know all the major Facebook emoticons by heart. There are 25 different types of Facebook chat emoticons ready for use. You’ve got all the basic emoticons lined up in the forefront. These would include Facebook chat emoticons like smile, grin, frown and grumpy. Kiss, curly lips, and love indicated with the heart shape.

    You can also use robot, penguin, and other special icons to express views. Expressions often change according to the course of on going discussions. Herein, you can change turn up the flair of conversations for the better by using Facebook emoticons like the kiki, squint, confused to generate clarifications from the other speakers.

    Put on the shades if you got to tell your friend about the dazzling experiences you had on the beach today, or you can put on the serious face completing your look with the spectacles crooked up on your nose to say exams are knocking at the doors and your course books are claiming all your attention for the time being. There too could endless instances or excuses for you to use the icon simply because these cute and crisp yellows curves make wonders in the FB world.

    Chatting with Facebook Emoticon Shortcuts

    A lot of the young Facebook users are glued to the all time famous Facebook emoticons. This is mainly because you can give your fingertips some rest and let the icons express your feelings with the Facebook chat emoticons. You get to pick from 25 types of Facebook emoticons. To spread some happiness online get help from the yellow characters like smile, grin, wink, and let your friends send you the same in return. Adorn your evil side with the horned up devil and use the shark icon to unleash your wrath at those FB bullies who irritate you.

    So far, these are easier to create, but if you want to set yourself apart from all the other Facebook emoticons users, you need to utilize some of the more complex smileys. You got the Putnam, robot, woot to modify your chat styles. Show your tongue out to tease your partner the tongue smiley makes that happen! What sets these icon apart from all the other tools present in the social networking sphere, is their ability to pop up on your chat screen in seconds. Get the list out and start practicing today. Learn all the shortcuts and turn a new leaf with Facebook emoticons at your aid.

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