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  • Facebook Emoticons: Winter Wonderland

    Facebook emoticons are varied and really exceptional. They also have emoticons based on winter season which are multiple, colorful and are really fun to use. Since, winter is coming up, the joy of using these winter theme based emoticons will surely put everyone in their winter season mood. Moreover, these winter emoticons just like all the other emoticons for Facebook are free. The different types of winter emoticons include winter, skiing, ice skating, skier, snowboarding, bobsled, sleigh, luge, sledding, snowboarding, and snowmobile, slalom skating, half-pipe, ski jump, speed skating, figure skating and these emoticons come in various different sizes and shapes.

    By the use of these emoticons while you chat with your friends, you can cut short the length of the conversation by just using these simple winter theme based emoticons. They are apt for the winter season and will surely be understood by all. And most definitely they are fun to use these emoticons. These winter theme based emoticons comes with graphics such that they literally portray their meaning. For example, if you choose to use the skiing emoticon, you can see that the smiley is actually skiing on the slopes in a background full of snow.

    You don’t have to install any special software or plug-ins to run and animate these emoticons. Just use the shortcuts to this smiley to make them appear on the chat box or while you have talk through the wall of Facebook. Facebook is always on the lookout to add more emoticons to its database and to make its chartroom more accessible and expressive. So, this winter season you can make use of the Facebook chat emoticons and share the joy and love and the warmth this winter season has to bring to you and your friends, relatives and family.

    Facebook Chef Emoticon


    Do you like to cook? If you are an aspiring chef than make sure to send this Chef Facebook Chat Emoticon to your friends via Facebook Chat. This simple emoticon show that you are aspiring to be a culinary artist OR that you are simply going to make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Either way it is a great emoticon to share with your friends and family if you are hungry and about to make something to eat.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Facebook Emoticons | Copy & Paste What You Feel Using Emoticons

    Do you feel like your friend is being a bit of a jerk lately? Ever since you two had that fight he has not spoken to you since. Catch him online in the FB world and give him a real jolt! This is nothing too serious unless you are considering the act of sending perfect Facebook chat emoticons to him in return of each monosyllabic reply. It can be one of two things: you can either find him leaving the FB world in frustration or you can find him playing the same trick on you. Indeed it is fun to see two friends sending Facebook chat emoticons or rather copying and pasting them in a frenzied manner.

    Of course you both are likely to look forward to beating each other and in the process send out the final grin. No doubt, your chat message boxes will go blur with yellow faces looking back from the screen. Sounds like fun if you are planning to plant few more on your long time best mates’ chat box. Did someone from the other end just tell you she was feel low and pathetic? Send her Facebook emoticons like the smile, the kiss and the angel to tell her how brilliant she is.

    Facebook Chat Emoticons Give You Something to Smile About

    You have plenty of reasons to smile now with the help of Facebook Chat Emoticons. If you are upset and feeling low, just log on to Facebook. Your friends are waiting for you to color up your life and make you smile with the pretty Facebook Emoticons. Give your chat sessions a new dimension and add a reason to smile. You can even make your friends smile, just add a few emoticons to brighten up your chat conversations and notice the difference. Whatever your feeling is, if you can’t express through words, express it with these incredible Facebook Chat Emoticons.

    Facebook Emoticons are meant to add a zing to your conversation, so that you don’t feel bored and express your true self. These emoticons are ideal for any situation and suit all kind of mood you are in. So brighten up your life and have reasons to smile with the help of Facebook Chat Emoticons. Create an ambience of happiness when you chat with your friends. Even if you had a fight with your friend or someone special is angry with you, just send a smiling emoticon across to your friend and see a cute curve that makes everything straight in life. You truly have reasons to smile with Facebook Emoticons.

    FB Emoticons: Copy and Paste the Perfect Smile

    A smile can change the course of a conversation, the nature of a talk. Facebook, while being one of the major social networking sites in the world, also provides chat facilities and smileys are one of the most important aspects of FB chats. Facebook chat emoticons are the best thing that is closest to a perfect smile, because a perfect smile can change the nature of a conversation. While conversing, it is necessary to smile because that way a conversation is informal and friendly. Facebook emoticons can be called perfect because the way they are represented graphically, they are almost identical with real life smile. Hence they can be defined as the perfect smile in the virtual world.

    Facebook emoticons are perfect in the sense that during the nature of communication via Facebook, an emoticon can actually make the conversation seem like you are talking to someone in life one where emoticons are needed to lighten up things between two people engaged in a conversation. Just as a perfect smile makes a conversation even more interesting and friendly, using a perfect emoticons during Facebook chats makes a conversation similarly interesting and informal, making the whole social networking dream come true.

    Nurse Facebook Chat Emoticon


    This Nurse Facebook Chat Emoticon looks like it is ready to dish out some pain. No one likes to take a shot, but this emoticon really seems to enjoy its job! If you are about to give you some bad news to your friends via Facebook Messenger it might be best to send this Emoticon to them first to let them know they are in some pain coming up, but at the same time it is also a nice ice break to them.

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    FB Smileys: Smile, Grin & Wink

    There is no substitute to a hearty smile and Facebook emoticons are the best way to greet anyone with them. Whether it is your mother whom you want to wish a “Happy Birthday”, your friend who has just recovered from an illness, your lover who is angry with you for some reasons or your boss whom you want to wish a courteous “Good Morning”, Facebook emoticons like the smile and the grin are ideal for every situation. Grin is a wider version of smile and it is especially indispensable if you want to make someone really happy. These two facebook smileys can be sent to anyone, including even the snobby ones. Then there is the wink, the sweet yet naughtiest of all Facebook smileys. Send this to someone you share a naughty secret with. This pretty smiley will not let anyone know about your secret but will send a signal of your witty affairs with a hint. Insert smile by :), grin by :D and wink by ;).

    Police Facebook Chat Emoticon


    No one loves when they are driving and see flashing red and blue lights in the back of their car. It means that you have done something wrong or broken the law. If one of your friends have stepped over the line, than send them this Police Facebook Chat Emoticon. This will help them see that they have crossed the line. Hopefully you will get an apology out from them.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Facebook Smileys – Gasp & Confused

    Gasp is one of the few Facebook emoticons that can come to be use in any such situations when you are left to nothing but with a gaping mouth. Heard about one of your friend’s accident, or may be someone informed you about the outstanding result you have come out with in your exam or even you were seeing yourself running on water in your dreams! Just insert the gasp in your chat and let others know how much surprised you have been. Gasp, along with few other Facebook smileys like the confused are well capable of expressing complicated emotions. These new series of Facebook emoticons reach far beyond the basic emotions of smile and love. Insert the gasp by typing :o and the confused by O.o and let these really expressive Facebook smileys take the place of big words. However you are confused about something or can not make out what you have just heard from someone, let these smileys do their work and send across your message to others like words can never do.

    FB Smileys: Tongue, Wink & Kiss | Playful Facebook Smileys

    Fun is in the air and no one can understand that without doing a round of the smart Facebook emoticons. If you want to tease your very serious pal and wish he gets a taste of your mischief, just send him the tongue emotion (:-P :P :-p :p =P), and it will do its work. This is one of the most cunning Facebook smileys that is very effective in pinching someone from a safe distance. A funny secret can also be shared with these cagey Facebook smileys, the wink (;-) ;)) being the example. This cool smiley exudes playfulness and fun.


    If you are upset that you are miles away from your girlfriend or boyfriend this Valentine’s, let Facebook smileys take the responsibility to convey your love. Kiss (:-* :*) is one of the most widely used Facebook emoticons that has secured a dedicated and consistent fan following. It is one of the most searched Facebook emoticons by lovers and married couples to express love for each other. Enjoy the pouty warmth of the most romantic Facebook smileys to let your partner know how much you love him and send him a warm kiss. Playful Facebook smileys are fun and flirtatious! Make Facebook emoticons your playmate in all your fun.

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