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    Facebook emoticons are omnipresent and perhaps omniscience too. They are unmatched in expressing myriad emotions with the least effort. Lost your purse last night? Suffered a bad hair day at office? Or maybe you escaped a near fracture on the slippery floor and can’t make it to the cool hang-out with your friends today? Let Facebook smileys inform your friends how sad you are. (No pun intended.) The whole new set of Facebook emoticons lists the sad face (:-( :( :[ =() and even the crying (:’(), when you are depressed. These sensitive Facebook smileys will make even your friend cry with you.

    Are you feeling left out and alone in the season of love and feeling like crying? Make others cry too with the sensitive Facebook emoticons like cry. Facebook smileys have graduated far beyond only smile – the cry being the handy example. Depression and sorrow also have their degree of intensity. If you are moderately sad, use the frown; and if you feel like crying aloud, cry will help you a lot. These simple but meaningful Facebook emoticons will effectively reflect your mind in your chat. Simply type :’( to let facebook smileys make others cry with you.

    Christmas Chatting

    Bring about some Christmas cheer even in your social media with the help of Christmas theme based emoticons. For the Christmas season, Facebook emoticons have upgraded and lot of emoticons to add to its already abundant database of Christmas theme based emoticons. These Christmas theme based emoticons will get across your message or greeting much more effectively than just using long text and superfluous messages. Moreover, these Facebook emoticons are fun to use and bring about the Christmas spirit in a jiffy as they are colorful, animate and creative.

    The various Christmas theme based emoticons for Facebook include many elements that revolve around the Christmas season. These include Christmas tree, snow, Santa Claus, Santa’s sleigh, rein deer, angels, gifts, mistletoes, candies, chocolates, stockings, snowman, lights, elves and many more. These emoticons are designed and animated to bring about cheer to all the people you chat with. For people who do not know how to express themselves eloquently find that these emoticons are a welcome change and can be used easily to clearly state the thoughts in their minds.

    Stir the emotion of Christmas spirit much more effectively with the help of these Christmas based emoticons. When you fall in short of words to get your greeting across to your loved ones who are living miles away, these emoticons come as a life saver and quickly would deliver and state your mind and views where words can’t. If you find a conversation running stale, you can always be rest assured that the usage of emoticons would bring about much cheer and joy to the conversations and would lighten and brighten up the day. Chatting at Christmas time with the help of these Christmas based emoticons makes sure that the spirit of Christmas still lives on even in Facebook conversations.

    Sleeping Purple Alien Chat Emoticon


    Have you been up on Facebook Messenger really late and are now starting to feel the effects of sleep coming on. Even if you are deep in conversation it I just hard to keep your eyes open any longer. One good way to stop a Facebook Chat is to send over the Sleeping Purple Alien Chat Emoticon. When someone receives this in their chat window they will know one of two things is going on. Either that they are being really boring or that you are tired. Just make sure to let them know which one it before you sign off.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Irritated Purple Alien Facebook Emoticon


    Don’t you hate those days when no matter what someone says it really irritates you? It seems like everything that comes from that person’s mouth (or message window) is aimed to annoy you beyond belief. Well if that is the case than make sure to send that person the Irritated Purple Alien Facebook Chat Emoticon. This purple alien will make sure the other person knows that what you are saying is beyond annoying, and really to leave you alone.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Facebook Outlaw Chat Emoticon


    When you think of the “Old West” many people thing of Cowboys and Outlaws. This Facebook Emoticon really takes that Old West theme and gives you a nice Outlaw Facebook Chat Emoticon to use while you are talking with your friends. This is a great emoticon to use and tell them to “Stick ‘em Up” and hopefully tell you whatever secret they might be keeping from you.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Mummy Facebook Chat Emoticon


    I would have to say that this Mummy Facebook Chat Emoticon is really cute. I mean look at it, mummies are supposed to be scary when you see them, but getting sending this to your friends on Facebook Messenger will likely get a response similar to “aww”. This response is well deserved as it will not scare you but something you want to cuddle with. So go ahead and send this over to your friends they will most defiantly like it!

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Facebook King Emoticon


    Who doesn’t want to be a King? There couldn’t be a better job in the eyes on many people. You are born into luxury and have a few responsibilities here and there, but nothing serious as it was back in the midlevel times thanks to many countries that have a monarchy have a parliament as well. If you are feeling royal today, than make sure to send this King Facebook Emoticon to your friends and let them know how you are feeling. Maybe they will give you something nice in return.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Facebook Diploma Chat Emoticon


    This is your final year in school, wither it be college or high school. They proudly show off your accomplishment with this Diploma in hand Chat Emoticon. This Facebook Chat Emoticon will show the world that you are about to graduate (or already have) and that you are ready to move on with the next stage of your life. This is something that everyone will be happy to see and be extremely proud of you for accomplishing. Just be glad that this emotion doesn’t require you to make a big speech after you send it.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Doctor Facbook Chat Emoticon


    Who doesn’t like playing “doctor” with their significant others? Doctor is a game that is best saved for when you two are in the same room, but it is late at night and you are far apart with only Facebook Messenger to talk with. One way to let your intentions be made known is by sending this Doctor Facebook Chat Emoticon to them. Seeing this emoticon they will know what you mean and will hopefully play the game with you next time you meet.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Brand New Secret FB Emoticons! – Released Jan 2012

    There are a few Facebook emoticons that JUST came out and we’ve got the codes for them! You won’t find these emoticons just anywhere, but you will get the inside scoop at www.femoticons.net. Some of the new emoticons for Facebook include characters like: troll face, the facebook logo in blue and green, cereal guy, derp, megusta, poker face, lamp, Yao Ming, the firefox emblem, Google Chrome emblem, okay, “feel like a sir” and many more. We have listed the codes below for your convenience:

    [[zuck]] or [[4]]
    [[firefox]] or [[14696440021]]
    [[googlechrome]] or [[321662419491]]
    [[facebook]] or [[20531316728]]
    [[ladygaga]] or [[271286126262930]]
    [[ChaDYaaR1]] or [[121171241234393]]
    [[fbPakistan]] or [[132312073477487]]
    [[ShareColors]] or [[202929289769637]]

    FB Troll face: [[171108522930776]]
    ARE YOU F***NG KIDDING ME: [[143220739082110]]
    Not bad Obama: [[169919399735055]]
    Me Gusta: [[211782832186415]]
    Cereal Guy: [[170815706323196]]
    LOL Face: [[168456309878025]]
    NO Guy: [[167359756658519]]
    Yao Ming: [[218595638164996]]
    Derp: [[224812970902314]]
    Derpina: [[192644604154319]]
    Forever Alone: [[177903015598419]]
    Not Bad: [[NotBaad]]
    F*** yeah: [[105387672833401]]
    Challenge accepted: [[100002727365206]]
    Okay face: [[100002752520227]]
    Poker face: [[129627277060203]]
    Okay face: [[224812970902314]]
    Socially awkward penguin: [[98438140742]]
    Rage face: [[FUUUOFFICIAL]]
    Lamp: [[100001256102462]]
    No: [[167359756658519]]
    MOG: [[142670085793927]]
    Feel like a sir: [[168040846586189]]
    Forever alone Christmas: [[125038607580286]]

    Try these out in chat or in messages. Use them wherever you like. You just get to expand your list of emoticons in 2012! Some you may be ready to use asap! To see the list of original emoticons, click here. Test out some of these new secret codes on our Facebook Emoticons fan page! Simply copy and paste the codes of your choice. You can right click and select “copy” and then “paste”, or you can select the code, hit Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Paste the appropriate code(s) into your chat surrounded by double brackets, as seen above. Keep coming back to see us for new updates on emoticons and other cool Facebook related stuff.

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