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    I Like You

    Do you have a crush on someone and want to let them know how you feel about them? If that is the case make sure to send them this I Like You Facebook Chat Sticker via Messenger. Seeing this in their chat window will let them know your feeling’s for them, plus it shows that you have a comedic side since the ‘like’ is also a Facebook Like button. SO what better way to tell someone you like them then using this nice sticker that has an ironic twist to it?

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    Love of My Life Facebook Chat Sticker

    Love of my Life

    It is a inane human desire to be loved by someone else. If you do have that special someone in your like make sure and let them know how you feel by sending this You Are The Love of My Life Facebook Chat Sticker. Seeing this sticker in their Messenger window will let them know that you truly care for them and love them. Hopefully they will send one back to you as well!

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    Don’t Bother Me Chat Sticker

    Don't Bother Me

    Are you chatting with someone that is really getting on your last nerves? Everything they say to you keeps grinding you and really pushing all your buttons? If that is the case then send them this Don’t Bother Me Facebook Chat Sticker. Getting this in the Messenger window will get the point across that you are being a pest and to go away now. Hopefully you will not have to us this Sticker often, but we have it here for you just in case.

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    Facebook Emoticons – Tongue, Wink, and Kiss

    Meeting up with friends and sharing thoughts seem to never cease. Chatting and gossiping plays a vital role in hanging out with friends, and if you get the chance of doing the same at home without meeting your friends then why not give it a try. The Facebook chat box is the famous medium to get in touch with your friends. To make it more interesting the emoticons are at your finger tip reach to make sure that you get your message right across to your friends. Facebook emoticon emoticons are the best of the list to enhance your stamina of articulating expression and feelings. To start with a few Facebook emoticons, the tongue is one of them that explain mischief. You show your tongue to the person whom you want to specify his or her stupidity. If you are in the mood of pulling pranks then the wink is one to be used.

    Kiss is used for lovers. You want to be with your beloved and throw your arms round him or her, but you really cannot. Then send in the kiss to show that how madly you want to be by his or her side. A kiss instead of love words is more emphatic. Facebook chat emoticons are the wonders that keep you hooked to conversation in the real sense.

    Facebook Please Don’t Break It Quote Chat Sticker

    Please Don't Break it

    When a new relationship starts off you are really putting your heart on the line. You really hope that everything works out, but if you have been burned in the past, it is hard to really put yourself out. That s why we have the Please Don’t Break It Facebook Chat Sticker. Sending this to someone you are interested in will let them know that you are vulnerable, but willing to put it all out on the line. Hopefully they will respect it and will not break your heart.

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    Epic Fail Facebook Chat Sticker

    Epic Fail

    An Epic Fail is defined as a complete and total failure when success should have been reasonably easy to attain. This is many people’s favorite catch phrases to use against their friends if they strike out in asking someone out, or if they did something really dumb recently. You are now able to spread the love of this phrase with the Epic Fail Facebook Chat Sticker. If someone says or does something stupid then send over this nice chat sticker for them to see in the Messenger window.

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    BRB Facebook Chat Sticker


    Everyone knows what BRB means, but in case you didn’t it means: Be Right Back. This is one of the most common used Internet Slang used. At times seeing it is very annoying especially if you are deep in conversation. Having to wait until the person comes back can at times seem like an eternity. So to help with that, instead of sending just the text BRB, make sure to send the BRB Sticker to your friends. They will appreciate the extra effort and will be more patient until your return.

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