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  • Facebook Smileys – Gasp & Confused

    Gasp is one of the few Facebook emoticons that can come to be use in any such situations when you are left to nothing but with a gaping mouth. Heard about one of your friend’s accident, or may be someone informed you about the outstanding result you have come out with in your exam or even you were seeing yourself running on water in your dreams! Just insert the gasp in your chat and let others know how much surprised you have been. Gasp, along with few other Facebook smileys like the confused are well capable of expressing complicated emotions. These new series of Facebook emoticons reach far beyond the basic emotions of smile and love. Insert the gasp by typing :o and the confused by O.o and let these really expressive Facebook smileys take the place of big words. However you are confused about something or can not make out what you have just heard from someone, let these smileys do their work and send across your message to others like words can never do.

    FB Emoticons: Pacman, Kiki & Confused

    The new age Facebook emoticons have added a lot of expressions to the list of emotions. Rising over the simple and easy-to-design basic Facebook smileys like smile, anger and love – the new age facebook emoticons help to express a lot in a much more complicated way. Do you feel claustrophobic among the race of showing trendiness but don’t know the way out? What about a retro style? Try pacman to lift yourself high above the ordinariness to be extraordinaries. The smart video game of the 80’s, pacman will help you flaunt your retro dude style.

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    You have used the trademark smile in your chats to express contentment, but what if you have to express a smile and delectation that you want to inject into others? Use kiki. This cute smiley will teach you how to laugh and smile with your eyes.

    Then there is the woot or the confused emoticon. One of the most complicated facebook emoticons, confused will be perfect for you if you just heard about something quite unbelievable and flabbergasting. Put pacman by typing :v, kiki by ^_^ and confused by O.o.

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