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  • Happy Easter Facebook Chat Sticker

    Happy Easter

    It is that time of year again: Easter. Make sure to share the celebration of Easter early in the morning by sending this Happy Easter Facebook Chat Sticker to your friends on Facebook Messenger. In case you were wondering Easter is a Christian festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary as described in the New Testament. We at FacebookStickers wish you to have a Happy Easter this year!

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    Talk to the Hand Chat Sticker

    Talk to the Hand

    Has something said something to you that is really disrespectful and makes you angry. The only response that you can think of is the old phrase” talk to the hand?” Well if that is the case we have just the solution for you in this Talk to the Hand Facebook Chat Sticker. Getting this sticker in your Messenger chat window will know that you have just crossed the line and need to find a way to get back to safety quick, before they log off.

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    Hug for a Friend Chat Sticker

    Hug for a Friend

    Do you want to reach out and give your friend a hug? Well many times you are not able to accomplish this due to the time of day and many other factors. If that is the case here make sure to send your friend this cute Hug for a Friend Facebook Chat Sticker. Who wouldn’t love seeing two Panda bears hugging it out, and it will make your friend know that you wish you could give them a giant hug right now as well.

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    Facebook Quote I Like You Chat Sticker

    I Like You

    Do you have a crush on someone and want to let them know how you feel about them? If that is the case make sure to send them this I Like You Facebook Chat Sticker via Messenger. Seeing this in their chat window will let them know your feeling’s for them, plus it shows that you have a comedic side since the ‘like’ is also a Facebook Like button. SO what better way to tell someone you like them then using this nice sticker that has an ironic twist to it?

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