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  • Smiling Captain America Chat Sticker

    Smiling Captain America

    Who doesn’t love Captain America? He was a puny man, who is often bullied, but had a heart of gold, and remained that way even after he got his super powers. Well this using this Smiling Captain America (with chipped tooth) will show your fellow chat person that you have a heart of gold as well. Use this Sticker when you are having a good day or just want to share you love for one of your favorite comic book heroes. Either way your friend will appreciate this unique chat sticker in their Facebook messenger chat window.

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    Give My Heart Emoticon

    Give You My Heart

    Are you in love with someone but want to express your love in more than just words? Have no fear as this Facebook Chat Emoticon is what will help you out. This Give My Heart Emoticon will show the person you are chatting with how much you love them, or even love the last statement that they made. It is a great way to express yourself when the words escape you. Best thing is that being romantic is not something you only can do on Valentine’s Day, but it is something that can be done year round and this chat emoticon is the perfect way to do. So share this Facebook Chat Emoticon with your significant other or your close friends, as they will greatly appreciate it.

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    Nerd Facebook Chat Sticker


    Even though Dr. Dr. Seuss’s book If I Ran the Zoo (1950) invented the word “Nerd” for his books, this is one of the most commonly used words today. It can mean anything from someone really smart to a derogatory term. Most of the times you hear it between a group of friends. If you have the need to share a nerdy Facebook Sticker, than make sure to share the Nerd Facebook Chat Sticker with your friends.

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    Head Scratch Facebook Chat Sticker

    Head Scratch

    Has a friend just sent you a message that just leaves you wondering what in the world they are trying to say? If that is the case, make sure to send them this Head Scratch Facebook Chat Sticker, as it will really show what you are doing at the moment, trying to decipher exactly what they are trying to say to you. This is a great sticker as it really does show what it feels like when you are confused by a statement made by a friend.

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    Small Smile Chat Sticker

    Small Smile

    At times it is really hard to express what you are truly feeling, especially when you are talking to someone on Facebook Messenger. If they tell you a joke the common reaction is to send them “lol” or “lmao”. Well at times wouldn’t it be better to send them over a sly smile? If that is the case then please make use of this brand new Small Smile Chat Sticker. They will enjoy seeing this chat sticker on their screen, as it means you put a little more effort in your reply than the normal replies people receive.

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    Sad Tears Facebook Chat Sticker

    Sad Tears

    Have you ever been so sad but it is extremely hard to express this feeling over Facebook Chat Messenger? Well have no fear, if you are feeling very sad due to a breakup, bad test grade, or more, make sure to send over this Sad Tears Facebook Chat Sticker. Once your friend sees this they will know the despair that you are facing, and hopefully come up with a way to cheer you back up.

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