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  • Indifferent Alien Facebook Emoticon


    Have you ever been chatting with someone on Facebook Messenger and they just said something that you really do not have a reply to? One of the biggest problems with chatting online is that it is hard to really express certain emotions. That is why this Indifferent Purple Alien is such a good emoticon to use in situations described earlier. If a friend sends you something iffy, you can just send them this colorful emoticon expressing your indifference to their statements.

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    Disappointed Alien Facebook Emoticon


    Disappointment is something that we all face in life. Many people will go around saying how unfair life is, and at times it will seem like this. If you have recently faced disappointment and talking to your friends on Facebook Messenger, make sure to send over this Disappointed Alien Facebook Chat emoticon. While it might not help out with your current situation that you are facing, it will help stress your points to whom you are chatting to, about what just happened, and make them have more empathy for you.

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    Crying Alien Facebook Chat Emoticon

    Concerned Alien Facebook Emoticon


    Purple Alien Evil Grin Facebook Emoticon

    Evil Grin

    This is an hilarious Facebook Chat Emoticon, that can be used in many different areas. One thing that is hard to express while chatting with someone on Facebook is an “Evil Grin.” Many people have their own forms of it, but there has yet to be a chat emoticon to really express a devilish grin, but this Purple Alien Evil Grin Facebook Emoticon really nails it. If you have done something really naughty, but in a good way, and want to tell your friends about it, make sure to send this chat emoticon to them. They will then get the full extent of what you have done and why it is go good to be bad.

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    Purple Alien Argh Facebook Emoticon


    Have you ever had one of those days where it is just “blah” not really good and not really bad? There really is no good way to express this with most current emoticons on Facebook Chat. That is why we came up with this Argh Purple Alien Facebook Chat Emoticon. When a friend asks how it is going with you, send them this funny Emoticon back in the Chat Messenger and they will undoubtedly know exactly how your day has been going for you thus far. Hopefully they will help you get out of your funk and start having a better day.

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