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  • Facebook Purple Alien Love Emoticon


    Are you in love? Seeing that special someone really makes your heart skip a beat. When you talk to them online via Facebook Messenger do you just cling to everything word they say? Why not send them over this Purple Alien Love Emoticon. Many people send over the typical heart emoticon, but if you send this to them it is something different. Show your special someone that they mean more to you than just standard emoticons, that you went out of your way to find a special one just for them? (We promise not to tell you got it from us)

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    Facebook Worried Purple Alien Chat Emoticon


    Being worried about something is never a good feeling. It seems to set in the deep of your stomach, gnawing at you until that time comes. Many people feel this sense of dread before a test, a big meeting with their boss, or even when speaking publically. If you are feeling worried about something and need to talk about it on Facebook Messenger, make sure to send over this Worried Purple Alien Chat Emoticon. When your friends see this they will know the anxiety you are facing and they might have a few ways to help you cope with it.

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    Sad Purple Alien Facebook Emoticon


    Being sad is never a good thing. Even when you are trying to describe how you are feeling via Facebook Chat it is hard to convey the right emotions because sometimes words are not enough. If you are having a bad day and just feel down, and want to find an emoticon that truly expresses how you feel, then make sure to send this Sad Purple Alien Chat Emoticon. The look in its eye and the way its mouth is shaped makes you sad even to look at it. Sending this to your friends will make them know how down you are and hopefully give them a chance to cheer you up.

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    Bored Alien Facebook Chat Emoticon


    I hate being bored. It is one of the worst feelings in the world. If you are like me, you might have a ton of stuff to do, but you just can’t get interested in doing it. You might spend your bored time looking at friends Facebook Timelines or even talking to them via Facebook Chat Messenger. If there is one emoticon that can describe being bored, but give it an extra pizazz it is definitely this Bored Alien Facebook Chat Emoticon. It really shows how uninterested it is in life, and will really help convey that message across to the person you might be chatting with at that time. Hopefully you can find someone you really want to talk with on Messenger soon, to take those boring blues away.

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    Sleeping Purple Alien Chat Emoticon


    Have you been up on Facebook Messenger really late and are now starting to feel the effects of sleep coming on. Even if you are deep in conversation it I just hard to keep your eyes open any longer. One good way to stop a Facebook Chat is to send over the Sleeping Purple Alien Chat Emoticon. When someone receives this in their chat window they will know one of two things is going on. Either that they are being really boring or that you are tired. Just make sure to let them know which one it before you sign off.

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    Irritated Purple Alien Facebook Emoticon


    Don’t you hate those days when no matter what someone says it really irritates you? It seems like everything that comes from that person’s mouth (or message window) is aimed to annoy you beyond belief. Well if that is the case than make sure to send that person the Irritated Purple Alien Facebook Chat Emoticon. This purple alien will make sure the other person knows that what you are saying is beyond annoying, and really to leave you alone.

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    Sly Purple Alien Facebook Emoticon


    Most people couple sly with being cunning or deceitful, but many times you can be sly without having those two negative connotations attached. Many times you can say something in a sly manner that makes you look like a comedian. That is why this Sly Purple Alien Facebook Emoticon is so great. It has so many uses that it is hard to count the ways you can use this while chatting with you friends.

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    Smoking Purple Alien Facebook Emoticon


    So many people today are still smoking even after finding out all of the bad things that it causes to themselves and people around them. Many wonder why create an Smoking Purple Alien Facebook Emoticon. Well the answer is to really help increase awareness of it. Many people are now turning to the Vapor smoking devices. We do not judge anyone for what they might do in their own time, but please be careful out there.

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    Surprised Purple Alien Facebook Emoticon


    Everyone loves surprises, especially when they are a good surprise, not a doctor called with worse kind of new surprise. That is why if someone is chatting with you on Facebook and they say something surprising make sure to send them this Surprised Purple Alien Chat Emoticon. The expression on this emoticon’s face really says it all. I love how big the eye is alongside its opened mouth. Your friends will really appreciate it as well

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    Facebook Snoring Purple Alien Emoticon


    Everyone, whether they want to admit it or not, snores, and apparently so do Facebook Emoticons. Check out this Snoring Purple Alien Chat Emoticon, it is the perfect smiley to send if you are just tired of reading boring comments by your friend online. Sending this to them will make your friend get the hint to either spice up the conversion or leave you alone.

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