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  • Facebook Snoring Purple Alien Emoticon


    Everyone, whether they want to admit it or not, snores, and apparently so do Facebook Emoticons. Check out this Snoring Purple Alien Chat Emoticon, it is the perfect smiley to send if you are just tired of reading boring comments by your friend online. Sending this to them will make your friend get the hint to either spice up the conversion or leave you alone.

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    Teethy Grin Purple Alien Emoticon

    Teethy Grin

    Has a friend said something to you on Facebook Chat that you think is awesome or even very funny? Rather than sending the common big smile with teeth emoticon, send them over this unique Teethy Grin Purple Alien Chat Emoticon. This Emoticon really embodies the feeling of laugher and happiness all in a silly one eyed purple package. Go ahead send a different emoticon than you normally would send, makes sure to send this Purple Alien to your friends.

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    Unimpressed Purple Alien Facebook Emoticon


    Do you have someone that is trying to impress you, but inflating their own ego. If that is the case make sure to send them this Unimpressed Purple Alien Emoticon. They will get the hint real quick that what they are talking to you about on Facebook Messenger is not that important and they will need to change the way they are talking to you quick, before you log off.

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    Upset Purple Alien Facebook Chat Emoticon


    Has someone said something to you on Facebook Messenger and it has made you upset. Make sure to send them this Upset Purple Alien Facebook Emoticon. This emoticon really embodies how you feel when you are upset at someone for a comment they have just made, and it will help you relieve some of the emotions you are having when you send it. Hopefully they will make amends soon.

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    Facebook Shocked Purple Alien Chat Emoticon


    Has someone said something shocking to you on Facebook Messenger recently, and you had no way to express how shocked you felt? Next time someone delivers a message that is truly shocking makes sure to reply back with this Shocked Purple Alien Chat Emoticon. This emoticon really emphasis how shocked it is and really will give the needed impression when you send this back to your friends.

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    Mumbles Purple Alien Emoticon


    We all have that one friend that likes to ramble on and on about their day. The good thing is when you are chatting on Facebook Messenger all you have to do is just pop in a few words from time to time, as they vent out everything. But just one time wouldn’t you like to send them a random emoticon, making them wonder what it is for? If so make sure to send them this Purple Alien Mumbles chat emoticon. This will leave them scratching their head wondering why you sent this, while you laughing on the other end at their misfortune.

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    Facebook Happy Alien Emoticon


    There are so many Facebook Chat Emoticons that display the emotion of happiness. This new Happy Purple Alien Chat Emoticon is one that really stands apart from the crowds. Many people might be content by sending the normal yellow emoticon, but sending this chat emoticon will really show people that you have a reason to be truly happy. Plus I know from personal experience, that it is always really nice to get different emoticons in your Facebook Chat Messenger instead of seeing the same old things over and over again. It really tells the person that you are chatting with that you care enough to send something different.

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    Mischievous Purple Alien Emoticon


    We all have a mischievous side deep within us. It is hard to express that feeling while talking online with your best friends, especially when there is no real emoticon with that look in its eye. Well look no further than this Mischievous Purple Alien Facebook Chat Emoticon. This emoticon will help express to anyone you are chatting with that you are feeling a bit mischievous today, and might even help you with your plans. Remember two heads is better than one, especially when you have something planned.

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    Purple Alien Meh Facebook Chat Emoticon


    One of my favorite words to use while chatting with someone is ‘meh’. I love using this word. It is one of those words that is really hard to define, yet everyone knows exactly what it means. It is very hard trying to find an emoticon that really expresses this feeling. If you are having one of those kinds of days and looking to express your feelings, make sure to send your friend this Purple Alien Meh Facebook Chat Emoticon. The face on this emoticon really expresses the emoticon of ‘meh’ better than I have ever seen online. So go on and send this over.

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    Purple Alien Laugh Facebook Emoticon


    Has your friend said something funny to you via Facebook chat messenger? If so besides sending the obligatory ‘LOL’, ‘LMAO’, or others why not send them this Purple Alien Laughing Facebook Emoticon. Sending this emoticon to your friends will make them feel that whatever they said was genuinely funny, and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Besides it is always better to send a nice emoticon than just sending back just a quick line of text.

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