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    Playing On Tablet

    It seems that everyone has a tablet or a smart phone now days, even little kids. So it seems only fair that there should be a Facebook Sticker that has a tablet as well. That is why we are happy to release the Playing on Tablet Facebook Chat Sticker. This is a cute sticker that is staying up with the times with everyone else. You can even share this sticker while you are chatting on Facebook Messenger on your tablet. One curious question is what is that very happy emoticon playing on his tablet? Some think that it is playing Candy Crush, Flappy Birds, or even on Facebook Chatting, it could be an “Inception” like thing: you sending a Chat Sticker on your tablet of an emoticon chatting on a tablet sending a chat sticker message to its friends on Facebook……Either way it is a great sticker to share and use and everyone will love seeing the happy Sticker playing on his every own tablet.

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