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    There is no substitute to a hearty smile and Facebook emoticons are the best way to greet anyone with them. Whether it is your mother whom you want to wish a “Happy Birthday”, your friend who has just recovered from an illness, your lover who is angry with you for some reasons or your boss whom you want to wish a courteous “Good Morning”, Facebook emoticons like the smile and the grin are ideal for every situation. Grin is a wider version of smile and it is especially indispensable if you want to make someone really happy. These two facebook smileys can be sent to anyone, including even the snobby ones. Then there is the wink, the sweet yet naughtiest of all Facebook smileys. Send this to someone you share a naughty secret with. This pretty smiley will not let anyone know about your secret but will send a signal of your witty affairs with a hint. Insert smile by :), grin by :D and wink by ;).

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