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    Upset Emoticon

    Whether you received a tight slap while proposing to your classmate or maybe your brand new two-wheeler refused to move in its maiden journey don’t worry. Facebook emoticons are there to ease your broken heart. Upset is one of the most effective Facebook smileys to open up your confused and tattered mind. Sending upset along with other facebook smileys like cry or grumpy will reveal a clearer picture of your mind. Type >:O >:-O >:o >:-o to upset others through the expressive Facebook emoticons with you.

    Unsure Emoticon

    What are you thinking about? Still trying to make out what your friend just sent you? That’s what the facebook smileys are there for. Unsure, also referred to as ‘errr’, is one of the classic facebook emoticons that express your unsure mind like none other can. Simply type :/ :-/ :\ :-\ and send it to your friend. Facebook emoticons like Unsure are also helpful in putting across your surprise after you here something unbelievable. No need to write a pageful of words when you can’t make out something. Use the Facebook smileys instead.

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