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    When expressing your playful mood or that you are in the mood for music, then there is no need to get the jargon of words mess up the frolic of the moment. Simply use the codes for Facebook Symbols and get your expression conveyed.

    Alt + 13 ♪ and Alt + 14 ♫ have their symbols respectively. You refer to music, then instead of writing in words, type in the symbol or if you’re ‘singing a song’ in words/text, these symbols can be used as well. However, the typing of code entails a step by step process. Press and hold the Alt button while you enter the codes for the symbol of music. When typing the numbers, make sure that you use the numbers on the right side of the keyboard and not the buttons on the top.

    Codes are an accurate way of getting the symbols right. They have no other alternatives and therefore you have to follow the procedure to get the process right. When you are on the Facebook social networking site, you have the option of using Facebook emoticons, Facebook smileys and Facebook Symbols! The chat process allows you to use the codes to enhance your scope of using more symbols than you are being offered.

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    1. it’s so sweet i try to post on facebook i like it!!

      Comment by jamaicadababalus — October 2, 2011 @ 6:45 am

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