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    This year, only a few months ago, Facebook came out with an iPad app! Many have been excited about the recent launch. Along with a mobile app, users are now able to do all their gaming and chatting and social networking on Facebook with their iPad as well. Before, social networkers had to always use their computers if they wanted do certain things on Facebook, but the new app allows them to do it all. Apple users may even enjoy a better experience if they’re using an Apple iOS device.

    One main reason why Facebook apps didn’t work on a lot of phones is because iOS devices do not support Flash. One way Facebook brought a solution for this issue is they helped a select set of developers create HTML5 versions of many of their apps and game titles so it’ll work on mobile Web browsers. Unfortunately HTML5 doesn’t offer the same performance that a lot of complex apps require. However, if they created native versions of their apps, Facebook users can connect to FB directly from the native app. Now if you get to upgrade to an iPad or iPad 2 and have a Facebook account, it’s like a win-win situation. You’ll get access to lots of apps and a great Facebook experience, including chatting! Try using the emoticons on your new tablet! Enhance your networking and chatting even more.

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