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    Do you have a soft spot for the blue eyed person in your life, and you are short of words? Don’t let the opportunity go by to do so! Express yourself to the fullest only with the help of Facebook Chat Emoticons. Send a heart or a kiss to make him/ her know your feelings. Your communication is made easier with the help of these wonderful Facebook Emoticons. It is the easiest way to communicate your true feelings with your near and dear ones. If you are upset or feeling like crying, just send a smiley and your friends will understand the condition you are going through. Know about the keyboard shortcuts, or just click to send your feelings across the web through Facebook Chat Emoticons.

    Are your friends bulling you, and you are getting heated up? Show your fiery red face and make them beware, or let the shark take care of them and scare them with its dangerous teeth. Through Facebook Chat Emoticons you can experiment a lot of gestures. Send a gasp emoticon to let them understand that you are shocked or surprised about a thing or if you want to convince someone, then send the angel emoticon to show your pure side. Facebook Chat Emoticons makes your communication easier as well as interesting.

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