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    Grin Emoticon

    No good news is complete without a wide smile, and no chatting is complete without grin, the most delightful of all Facebook emoticons. A happy heart will smile and will spread the smile to others. If you are a regular at facebook, you must have used the grin maximum times among all other Facebook emoticons. Facebook smileys like smile and grin are the best way to greet people any time. The heartiest of all facebook smileys takes only :-D :D =D to sprinkle the smile.

    Gasp Emoticon

    How wide can you open your mouth – learn it from the Facebook smileys. Has your friend’s dog suffered a heart failure or has your aunt fallen from the stairs? The moment you come across shocks, try Facebook emoticons to speak out your mind. Gasp is one of the most expressive Facebook emoticons used to express awe. As we frequently come across amazing incidents, Facebook smileys like gasp come to be very useful, especially when there is a serious want of suitable words. Close your own mouth and send the gasp instead by :-O :O :-o :o.

    Grumpy Emoticon

    Facebook emoticons find their ways in every possible corner of the emotion world. There are some exclusive Facebook emoticons that can be used to emote more than one feeling. Grumpy is one of such facebook smileys that can either be used to express your disappointment or your skepticism. Whether you have been informed of a contract cancellation or of a sudden accident of one of your friends, grumpy can be used in both situations. Grumpy is very popular out of the dual purpose facebook smileys and can be put by >:( >:-(.

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